Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Style Star: Anne Hathaway

Annie, as she likes to be called, is one of the very few people I actually like in Hollywood. Ever since "The Princess Diaries," I thought she was cool beans. She's an amazing actress and big supporter of the LGBT community, which I admire her for it. She is also beautiful and intelligent at the same time. What distinguishes her from other celebrities is that she understands her taste, is a fashion risk taker, and does not compromise style in the face of adversity, like her recent breakup with her Italian boyfriend. Anyway, I would like to congratulate her for finally being on the January 2009 cover of Vogue and for her Golden Globe nomination for "Rachel Getting Married." Oh, I also love her hair short.

You've made it, girl!

Queen Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi of Genovia is wearing Marchesa.

She is tangled in Thakoon.

This Devil wears Prada.

She is hot in Versace.

Bill Blass
I love the overall gunmetal silver, but I like the top more than the bottom. The bottom looks like a sweater of feathers, which my guess is it's made for the runway and not the Red Carpet . She manages to pull off the look though.

Although I do like the silhouette of this dress, the color washes her out because she's so pale. Also, this dress is a little bit on the conservative side; some part of it needs to be shorter. Also, she looks a little too pulled together.

Ossie Clarke
I like her new hairstyle, but I think she would've looked better if she pulled it back. As for the dress and cardigan, it's not her style per say, but she wears it well. I feel like it's a 1990s interpretation of 1950s fashion.

Zac Posen
Oh Zac Posen, why are you so insistent on avant-garde accentuation of shoulders and asses? Anyway, I think she pulled this one off regardless of the weird shoulder pads. I also think this color suits her very much.

This look is a very sophisticated modern day Betty Boop. I like the structured top and cascading flowy bottom; it's very flattering.

Jenny Kayne
Remember what I said about short suits? Well, she made this seem effortless. I like that she wore a loose top because a tight one would've made her look like Mariah Carey. And even with the shortness of the suit and everything, she still manages to look elegant, which I think is very hard to do.

This is Anne at her finest. She looks ridiculously good in this celadon green dress. You'd think the flowers would be distracting, but they just add to the gorgeousness. She should totally wear something like this to the Golden Globes, which she is nominated Best Actress for.

Courtesy of Vogue (Style), People Magazine

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