Monday, December 29, 2008

I need a new pair of glasses. What should I choose?

So my old glasses broke because they were cheap and I did not take good care of them; it was a disaster waiting to happen. In the meantime, I dread wearing my irritating contacts. So I went to the optometrist office today and tried on different frames like Prada, Versace, Brooks Brothers, Gorgio Armani, Miu Miu and Gucci. I ended up really wanting this Gucci one but with insurance coverage, it still would've been about $200. I ended up selecting a Hugo Boss one, which I still have pay about $100 for. Oh well. If I had a choice again, I would seriously take a look at these frames.

Valentino (VAL1192) $160.00

Valentino designs beautiful clothes, but who knew he designed glasses as well? I like this pair of glasses because they look very industrial and somewhat robotic. I also like the hint of red of the tips because it is his signature color.

Salvatore Ferragamo (FE2647) $125.64
Ferragamo does more classic than modern looks. I like that this is a mixture of materials because I'm not really a fan of plastic frames. I think people look like cartoon characters when they wear plastic "emo glasses." But when you mix the two together, I think there's a good balance.

Gucci (GG1875) $214.20
The Gucci glasses that I wanted look something like this, except the one I wanted was a dark gold. I wanted this the most not so much because it was brand name, but that it looked good on me.

Chanel (CH2125) $230.04
I had no idea Chanel made glasses for men, but after look at a few, I think this one looks the best even though it's a little mature for me. I like that the sides are decorated with the signature quilting detail because people will automatically know it's Chanel.

Hugo Boss (BOSS0036) $167.85
This is not the Hugo Boss pair I chose, but I wish I had chosen this one. I like how it's so simple, yet so interesting to look at. Again, it's the mixture of materials, but I like this more than the Ferragamo one because the eye part is metal instead.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL2225) $189.17
I like this pair of glasses, but I already know I'll look crazy in them. They're too avant-garde to wear casually. Then again, that's the reason I want them. It's also an homage to his passing.

Courtesy of London Eyewear

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