Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Style Star: Anne Hathaway

Annie, as she likes to be called, is one of the very few people I actually like in Hollywood. Ever since "The Princess Diaries," I thought she was cool beans. She's an amazing actress and big supporter of the LGBT community, which I admire her for it. She is also beautiful and intelligent at the same time. What distinguishes her from other celebrities is that she understands her taste, is a fashion risk taker, and does not compromise style in the face of adversity, like her recent breakup with her Italian boyfriend. Anyway, I would like to congratulate her for finally being on the January 2009 cover of Vogue and for her Golden Globe nomination for "Rachel Getting Married." Oh, I also love her hair short.

You've made it, girl!

Queen Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi of Genovia is wearing Marchesa.

She is tangled in Thakoon.

This Devil wears Prada.

She is hot in Versace.

Bill Blass
I love the overall gunmetal silver, but I like the top more than the bottom. The bottom looks like a sweater of feathers, which my guess is it's made for the runway and not the Red Carpet . She manages to pull off the look though.

Although I do like the silhouette of this dress, the color washes her out because she's so pale. Also, this dress is a little bit on the conservative side; some part of it needs to be shorter. Also, she looks a little too pulled together.

Ossie Clarke
I like her new hairstyle, but I think she would've looked better if she pulled it back. As for the dress and cardigan, it's not her style per say, but she wears it well. I feel like it's a 1990s interpretation of 1950s fashion.

Zac Posen
Oh Zac Posen, why are you so insistent on avant-garde accentuation of shoulders and asses? Anyway, I think she pulled this one off regardless of the weird shoulder pads. I also think this color suits her very much.

This look is a very sophisticated modern day Betty Boop. I like the structured top and cascading flowy bottom; it's very flattering.

Jenny Kayne
Remember what I said about short suits? Well, she made this seem effortless. I like that she wore a loose top because a tight one would've made her look like Mariah Carey. And even with the shortness of the suit and everything, she still manages to look elegant, which I think is very hard to do.

This is Anne at her finest. She looks ridiculously good in this celadon green dress. You'd think the flowers would be distracting, but they just add to the gorgeousness. She should totally wear something like this to the Golden Globes, which she is nominated Best Actress for.

Courtesy of Vogue (Style), People Magazine

Monday, December 29, 2008

I need a new pair of glasses. What should I choose?

So my old glasses broke because they were cheap and I did not take good care of them; it was a disaster waiting to happen. In the meantime, I dread wearing my irritating contacts. So I went to the optometrist office today and tried on different frames like Prada, Versace, Brooks Brothers, Gorgio Armani, Miu Miu and Gucci. I ended up really wanting this Gucci one but with insurance coverage, it still would've been about $200. I ended up selecting a Hugo Boss one, which I still have pay about $100 for. Oh well. If I had a choice again, I would seriously take a look at these frames.

Valentino (VAL1192) $160.00

Valentino designs beautiful clothes, but who knew he designed glasses as well? I like this pair of glasses because they look very industrial and somewhat robotic. I also like the hint of red of the tips because it is his signature color.

Salvatore Ferragamo (FE2647) $125.64
Ferragamo does more classic than modern looks. I like that this is a mixture of materials because I'm not really a fan of plastic frames. I think people look like cartoon characters when they wear plastic "emo glasses." But when you mix the two together, I think there's a good balance.

Gucci (GG1875) $214.20
The Gucci glasses that I wanted look something like this, except the one I wanted was a dark gold. I wanted this the most not so much because it was brand name, but that it looked good on me.

Chanel (CH2125) $230.04
I had no idea Chanel made glasses for men, but after look at a few, I think this one looks the best even though it's a little mature for me. I like that the sides are decorated with the signature quilting detail because people will automatically know it's Chanel.

Hugo Boss (BOSS0036) $167.85
This is not the Hugo Boss pair I chose, but I wish I had chosen this one. I like how it's so simple, yet so interesting to look at. Again, it's the mixture of materials, but I like this more than the Ferragamo one because the eye part is metal instead.

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL2225) $189.17
I like this pair of glasses, but I already know I'll look crazy in them. They're too avant-garde to wear casually. Then again, that's the reason I want them. It's also an homage to his passing.

Courtesy of London Eyewear

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Celebrity Designers: good intention, bad idea?

Celebrities nowadays are emerging from all across the board as designers. Whether they are good or not, it really depends on people's tastes. I guess since these celebrities have so much money and fame, they feel that they can suddenly immerse themselves in fashion. It's just, you know, it's hard to compete with celebrities when no one knows you; you really only have your talent. Then again, they are responsible for putting designers on the map.

dVb is a collection by former Spice Girl, Posh Spice a.k.a. Victoria Beckham. A lot of her designs are based on her personal style, which is a little edgy and structured. She herself, is a fashion risk taker, yet her designs are a little on the safe side; I find that ironic.

Orange Candy Stripe Sunglasses $233.00
This is Victoria's signature shaped frames that she always wears. I like the idea, but it looks too much like one of those colorful candy canes.

Naomi Jean in Resin Denim $149.00
These jeans are nice, but they're a little bit on the boring side. I like flares, but they're a little 1998. Well, maybe they're "modern" because darkwash.

Victoria Beckham dress $1,500.00
Victoria has also created a line of dresses that look a lot like the ones she wears. At $1,500.00, I'm not sure there's a high demand for her designs. They're boring too.

"Sex and the City" star, Sarah Jessica Parker has created a collection for Steve & Barry's called Bitten. The good thing about her line is that it's affordable, like H&M prices. A lot of her designs are reminiscent of her clothes on her show.

Burnout Ruffle Front, Seersucker 2 Button Mercer Jacket, Anklezip Crop Jeans
This whole look is very Sarah Jessica Parker, soft masculinity. Seersucker is very hard to design with, and the design team did a good job with the blazer. I like the zip jeans too.

Wedge with Pyramid Stud Classic
These are actually some really cool looking shoes. The studs on the shoes are actually really edgy without being too over-the-top.

Elbow Sleeve Rib Crew, Smocked Babydoll Dress
This look reminds me of "Little House on the Prairie." The green on green, jumper dress, elbow sleeve thing seems too much like something Laura Ingalls Wilder wore as a kid.

The House of
Deréon was created by singer Beyoncé and her mom, Tina Knowles. Tina used to be the stylist for Destiny's Child, and ever since the group separated, she found her niche in designing for the masses. The vision of this brand is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, with a bit of Creole influence.

Safari Halter Dress $49.99
I like the rainbow tiger print, but it's a little busy. It's a good dress for women with curves, but everything looks like they are about to spill out. I think I would've liked this dress if it was dress knee-length.

Funk Skinny Jean $79.00
This is as ghetto-fabulous as it gets, but at the same time looks very interesting. All that gold embroidery is very tapestry-like.

Mega Hit Small Hobo $59.00
Wow, this is actually a really nice bag. I like the red and the pleats. There's an air of sophistication about it, yet it does not compromise its street credibility.

The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley have developed a line called Elizabeth & James, which caters to an upper-class New York crowd. Their designs are all very nice, but a little too sophisticated for the everyday person. The price points are also asking for a lot.

Noguchi Jacket $465.00
Despite what I said about their over-sophistication, this jacket seems versatile. It'd be a good idea to make this machine washable because people might wear this all the time. It's versatile enough to wear to a ball and to school the next day. At $465.00 however, it's still kind of expensive.

Aurora Dress $475.00
I like this dress, but it's kind of a knockoff of the iconic dress from the "Sex and the City" movie with the whole flower thing. While this one is more wearable, it just doesn't have the heart that the real dress has. Originality matters in this case.

Bold Silver Cuff $525.00
This is a nice cuff. It's very modern meets ancient, but at $525.00, you can totally find a silver cuff that looks like this at half the price. You can also do the fake silver thing if you're not allergic. Unfortunately, I am.

Gwen Stefani is known for her funky music, especially her fashion choices. But at the same time, she manages to make everything work more or less. L.A.M.B. is a project she put together because she could see the correlation between msuci and fashion; it goes hand in hand. Her designs are all casually sophisticated.

Doleman Sleeve Mock Neck $128.25
This is a good late 20s to 40s top because it's sexy without being sexy. I like the white contour on the mock neck. The silhouette is a little 80s, yet it still looks very modern.

High-Waisted Plaid Skirt $110.25
I love the color combination of this plaid; I've never seen it on a skirt before. I also like that it is a high-waisted skirt because it gives you room to tuck in your blouse or plain white tee for that matter.

Spectator Pump $295.00
This shoe is nice to look at, but the mesh in the back isn't very attractive. I mean, breathability is important, but wouldn't it be even better if it was a slingback instead? I'm sure it'd be a lot more interesting than it just being a shoe.

Obviously, there are certain celebrities that should keep designing because they understand what style is. There are also style icons who have no idea what style is. For celebrities who are too invested in finding success in fashion design, the best suggestion would be to keep their day jobs.

Courtesy of Revolve Clothing, My Wardrobe, L.A.M.B., Dereon, Diani, Bitten SJP, Vogue (Style)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aluminum/Stainless Steel Water Bottles- just say no to plastic!

It's official, using plastic water bottles is no longer "cool" because of the growing demand of sustainable practices. Now, I've been using an aluminum water bottle for about 3 years now, and people are slowly beginning to pick it up. This is a growing trend I don't mind happening because it's good for the environment. Then again, it's fun to be green and still individual, which is why I'd like to talk about these different bottles.

Stainless Steel Sports Flask $18.99
This is very much like the current bottle I have, except mine is all dented and the blue paint is chipping off. Had I known the generic ones would not chip, I would've gotten this one instead. However, I don't like the rubber ring attached to it because it always slips off.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle $17.00
Klean Kanteen is pretty much the premiere company for aluminum/stainless steel water bottles. And since they are one of the firsts, their technology is probably a lot more advanced than their competition. They have developed a secure cap that does not require a rubber stopper. That in itself is considered an improvement. I might just get this one because of the cap.

Eva Solo Stainless Steel Thermo Flask $75.00
How very sleek and shiny. The handle kind of looks like an umbrella strap. I like this one, but I am not paying $75.00 for a water bottle. Maybe it's that expensive because of the warm-keeping effect. Who knows?

Thinksport Sports Bottle $21.99
This looks like a perfume bottle, which kind of adds a luxury appeal to drinking water. This can totally be a reality if celebrities endorsed them. I can totally see this on a billboard somewhere. Eventually, people will start using these bottles, and there will be less of a market for bottled water, which'll pressure companies to come up with sustainable practices like making bottles out of corn or something.

Hydration Center Waterbottle (Set of 2 Silver and Black) $24.99
I'm in love with this bottle because it serves its purpose without having to compromise the shape of a bottle. So many times, these bottles look like they're filled with propane, so it's nice to see this one for a change. I'm a little skeptical about the cap though.

Gaiam Stainless Steel Water Bottle $15.00
The design of this bottle is all very interesting, but I feel like it's a little over-designed. My favorite part of this bottle is the twistable sippy cap.

Courtesy of Target, Klean Kanteen, Gaiam, Fitzsu

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm an Outsider.

This brand of semi-casual wear is based on the 1964 New Wave French crime drama, Bande à part (Band of Outsiders). This brand is highly influenced by the Beatnik movement originating from my hometown, which explains why it'd be part of my personal style. The essentials include: wool suiting, plaids, stripes, mix of form-fitting and loose shapes. To be honest though, the line is a little too "hipster" for my liking. While I do like their alternative and vintage-inspired designs, sooner or later, their vision is going to get old. It'd be a good idea to modernize it while they can.

Vintage Movie Poster

Doing the famous "Madison" dance

It has been speculated that double-breasted suits are making a comeback. Many trend forecasters also say that short suits are coming back in Spring 2009. This look is cool and all, but the appropriateness is hard to figure out. If you wear this to work or an event, people would probably have a hard time taking you seriously. The only place I see this look headed is to church. And for someone like me who is not Christian, it would not be wise to invest in a short suit.

This look is a little too "Johnny Depp" for me. I like plaid pants, but they are really hard to wear because if they are any less tailored, they would look like pajama bottoms.

If the company used this look as a guide to designing, it'd be good for them. The proportions are modern and the colors are freshly put together; the pop of yellow really does it. I also like those black and white boat shoes; they'd probably look good a pair of dark wash jeans.

Side-stipe pants? Yup, they've done it. It used to be a fashion statement for athletic apparel, but it has finally made it to casual wear. So far, I have not seen any of these pants in store, but I'll be the first one in line when they come out. Of course, they won't be Band of Outsiders pants; I don't have money. Oh, and I like those suspenders too.

Band of Outsiders has created a line for women called Boy by Band of Outsiders. I find this collection a lot more inspiring than their main line because they throw in a lot of color and different fabrics in there.

I absolutely adore this look because it creates a sort of confident sexiness without really revealing anything. The skirt is very interesting with the ridges. I'm not sure if they're printed or textured, but they look cool either way. It's also nice to see how the yellow shoes balance everything out.

Let me tell you, this is by far the "coolest" sweater dress I've seen. It's just that a lot of sweater dresses look just like long sweaters and look weird when people don't wear pants or tights underneath. Anyway, the loose shoulder thing is a little 80s inspired, which is interesting to see because the 80s was known for bad fashion. This, however, was a good move for the design.

This look might be a little too mature for people in their 20s, but there's an air of youthfulness about it. You can also see the beatnik influence in the stripes on the skirt.

Somehow, short suits seem to look a lot better on women than men. My guess is the cut of the shorts really matter. That might be the case because a lot of men hesitate to wear shorts that are shorter than knee-length in order to "keep their masculinity." I beg to differ, but the market caters to what people want, and apparently, I am outnumbered. Anyway, the muted plums and grays really do the design justice.

Courtesy of Vogue (Style),, Broken Projector

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sisley: it's all about the fashion

Contrary to what I said about the United Colors of Benetton, Sisley is all about the clothes. If you guys didn't know, Sisley is a division of the Benetton Group. They are all about casual edginess, and do a good job of creating it. In my opinion, their clothes are bit too formal for work and too casual for special events; it's more like "sophisticated street fashion."

I would like to have seen a brighter colored sweater, but this look works very well. I personally think suits are a bit too much sometimes, so if you want to dress down without looking too casual, give this a try.

The combination of the different shades of gray creates a good harmony. The vest and the shirt could look good by itself too. I like this hunting jacket/blazer with the three pockets on one side. I saw something like it at Banana Republic, but this one is a lot more interesting, and they're pretty much the same price.

I find it surprising that so many men's coats do not have belts because it makes such a difference when there is one. This coat would be a little more exciting if it came in green or something. Then again, it'd look more like something from its sister store.

You can never really have enough buttons. Whether they are functional or not, buttons add character to clothes. This coat does it for me. It reads "the biker who got away from the gang." I like the brown, white and black color palette.

This wrapdress/coat is a great example of contemporary Victorian fashion. It's very modern, but what makes it "Victorian" is the boning. It's a great way of creating a slimming effect.

This deep-v could've turned out looking quite slutty, but it's very "appropriate" with this outfit. The pants are cut just at the right length and the fit is very flattering. The coat is so cool without looking crazy. Well, it's subtly crazy because of the sleeves.

Whenever I think of "covered-up," I think "matronly." This does not look matronly to me because of all the little details, like the pleats of the sweater and the skirt tie. The whole look is a little busy. It'd be less distracting if the skirt was shorter and plainer, vice versa.

I like this dress even though it kind of looks like a poncho/muumuu. I'm not sure how this dress will move, but it looks great in the wind.

Sisley seems to always have a sale going on, so it wouldn't hurt to give this place a try. They don't carry as many things as United Colors of Benetton, but it's easy to be intrigued by this place. I like them because they haven't totally hit the mainstream yet; it makes me feel unique.

Courtesy of Sisley