Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anthropologie is one of the most whimsical places I've ever been to.

It's as if you're lost in a beautiful dream that you'd probably only find in Paris. Everything is very rustic and modern at the same time. If you're familiar with this subsidiary of Urban Outfitters Inc., you'll notice that the pieces I choose to talk about are a lot more toned down than what they usually sell; they're a little "too French" for my personal style.

Positively Dotty Glass $10.00
One of my favorite new things is polka dots. The fact that it's on a glass makes it that much more endearing. This reminds me of the milk glass I bought from them not that long ago. I like the price of my milk glass more because it was only $4.00, but I like the design of this one more.

Spring Petal Sugar & Creamer $32.00
You'll usually find these in a country home, but it'd be so cute to have them in the city. The give off a very homely sense that might make you feel less lonely. It's just the red is so happy, especially with those daisies on the bottom.

Standing Magnifying Glass $68.00-$128.00

I'm not sure what you do with these magnifying glasses. I guess you can use them to read. They are kind of pointless, but I think they make a room look "smart."

White Narcissus Mirror $328.00

There's something very Romantic about this mirror. It's very 19th Century Parisian bourgeois. It's a little too feminine for me personally, but I still like it.

Barely There Pendant Lamp $248.00

I've seen a ton of pendant lamps, and this one is my favorite so far. There's just something so wonderfully simple about it; it's industrial and domestic at the same time.

Orimono Pillow, Vines $78.00

Can I say D.I.Y.? It's done well though. I love the different leaf-shaped fabrics, and I'm sure it took nimble little childrens' fingers to put the whole thing together.

Colossal Bloom Rug, Rouge $198.00

In my drawing class, I learned how to draw on oddly shaped paper, and this rug really reminds me of it. The flower is not just on the rug; it is the rug. (How philosophical).

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 SAG Fashion Talk

This is pretty much the only award show that celebrities can dress more casually because they don't really have to impress an academy. This is their "down time," which is good because they need to get ready for the Oscars. Unlike at the Golden Globes, pretty much everybody took risks. Some turned out really bad, but I liked that there was a lot of color, instead of that boring neutral trend at the Golden Globes. These are the stars who looked awesome on the Red Carpet:

Kate Winslet
in Narciso Rodriguez

I like that this shape of this dress is so simple; she dressed for the occasion. It's still formal but effortless. I love the color on her (MLP rocks this color), even though it's becoming a little cliche on the Red Carpet.

Evan Rachel Wood in Monique Lhuillier
I like this look more than the one at the Golden Globes. She looks very relaxed in her gorgeous dark teal one-shoulder dress with her hair down. I'm really glad she chose that color because it's hardly ever seen on the Red Carpet. I also love that she complimented the dress with fuschia accessories, including the nails.

Laura Linney in Michael Kors
I think Laura's one of those people who makes safe look great and not boring. There's something about her character that draws you in. The shape is pretty much the same as her Golden Globes dress. Last time it was saffron yellow and this time it's a bright coral; I think she makes very good color choices.

Amy Adams in Giambattista Valli
In case you guys didn't notice, there is a growing trend for Redheads to wear purple. The color trend used to be green, but it has changed this past season. Amy looks a bit like her character in "Enchanted," but she looks a more puled together here. I'd say she was definitely one of the best dressed of the night.

Anne Hathaway in Azzaro
My favorite leading lady did it again! Normally, for someone as pale as her, I'd say "stay away from the white," but she doesn't look washed out here. She looks like a modern day Cleopatra with the jeweled neck and waist lines. She should keep her hair at this length; it makes her a lot more interesting that way.

Viola Davis in David Meister
She's practically radiating in this yellow dress. Okay, so the shape is nothing new, but that bright yellow is very flattering against her skin. While her Golden Globes dress was very interesting to look at, it did not do her justice as this one.

Christina Applegate in Emanuel Ungaro
Best dressed of the night goes to Amy Adams, but my favorite is Christina Applegate. Sure, the shape is little antiquated, but the sudden burst of color from the green brings it to modern time. She also made it very modern by wearing that long chain. The look is a little "street," but I think it's very appropriate for this event.

Here are some of the looks I thought were headed somewhere, but certain parts could've been done better:

Marisa Tomei in Elie Saab
This is much of an improvement from her pirate look at the Golden Globes. I do love the sandy yellow, but not so much the mixture of the satin and the chiffon. This dress could've done without the belt because it's fighting with the flower. I would much rather keep the flower and not the belt.

Tina Fey in Brian Reyes
Although I love her for making the effort to get out of her comfort zone, let's not forget that she's a little too old to pull this look off. Knee-length would've worked. I'm also not so sure about the color. Brown?

Freida Pinto in Marchesa
I do love the color of this dress, but not the silhouette. I don't really like that tent effect because it makes you look pregnant (maybe she is). This would've looked a lot better it the waist was nipped in.

Teri Hatcher in Monique Lhuillier
I like this dress, but it's a bit of an overkill for the SAGs. It's just more of a Golden Globes dress. Perhaps she could've pulled the look off if she had more weight on her. She looks emaciated.

America Ferrera in Vera Wang
The shape and color are both very nice, but that streak of black bothers me. I think she could've looked fantastic if the hem was uneven and the length shorter. Just because you're in Hollywood doesn't mean you have to look so "sophisticated" all the time.

Courtesy of UsWeekly Magazine

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Altru: Insightful, Witty, Cheeky Tees

I found myself at Urban Outfitters today looking at their sales rack because: 1. We're in a recession, 2. I like looking at things people don't like. (I guess the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" applies to this.) Anyway, I found the perfect t-shirt and got it for $9.99. I mean, it's still expensive for a t-shirt, but it used to be $32.00. So I did some research about the brand, and I thought they really clicked with me, which is weird because I'm not an advocate of word or graphic tees. At the same time, it's really hard to say "no" to humor that caters to my taste because there is some really stupid humor out there. And humor isn't everything, art and culture are important elements too. Altru has it all.

New York Times Obama $32.00
Okay, so this shirt isn't all that exciting. It's just another newsprint shirt, which I've seen a ton of times. I just thought it'd be nice to throw out there because we're finally out of the Bush Era. Hooray for President Obama!

Ginsberg Howl $32.00
I love the counterculture of the 1950s in America; it's so old-school badass. As you all know, I am a fan of the Beatniks, so tying in some Allen Ginsberg is perfect. "Howl" was so ahead of its time with its "obscenities" , which makes me feel like sometimes, I'm ahead of my time (not). I like how the words of the poem are cascading rather than just splatted on.

Olympics Passport $34.00
Whenever I go to places, I look forward to getting my passport stamped. There's just something so organic about it, which is I like this shirt. Some things I would change about it would be the placement of the stamps and the Olympic advertising. It's a great D.I.Y. project.

Mickey Rat $32.00
Mickey Mouse is one of those classic icons you don't really want to mess with, but that's exactly what they're doing, which is great. Frankly, I'm quite tired of their romantic and fantastical view of life; not everyone can be a princess. Oh, and I've heard from several sources speculating fascist politics within Disney. Mickey's a real rat for influencing generations of people with its innocent charm.

Ban the Bra $32.00
Does feminism still exist? If it does, why is it so soft-spoken? I think we still live in an extremely patriarchal society, with a lot of women reverting back to old ways. I like the historical context and provocative message that this shirt entails. Ladies, show some support for yourselves!

Peek $32.00
This is what I ended up getting. Good choice, right? It's creepy, funny, and weird all at the same time with the blinds. It was the most eye-catching thing on that sales rack, which makes me wonder why no one else bought it. Anyway, I'm glad I have it.

Courtesy of Altru

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adam Kimmel: Geriatric Fashion at Any Age

Part of my personal style is drawn from what older folks would wear, so I found a great interest in Adam Kimmel's designs. Surprisingly, he is able to make people look good even in old people fashion because he understands proportion, cut, and color. . Well, he's not flamboyant with his color choices like the way some old ladies dress, which is a good thing. His designs are so simple, yet complex at the same time, which means he's really talented.

What a cool nightgown-looking dress! The dress reminds me of "Wee Willie Winkie." It'd probably look a little "too comfortable" without the cardigan though. Well, you can formalize the look with heels also seen here.

There he goes again with his pajama theme. I'd wear those pants though. I really love that forest green cardigan. (It reminds me of my middle school days when I had to wear uniforms.) Personally, I wouldn't wear the tie, but I like it because it's unique.

My mom has a sweater that looks like the cardigan, but he looks great. I think it's because he didn't wear anything underneath. Otherwise, he'd look like Mister Rogers. I also like that gray suit paired with it because black would be too stark; the scarf already gives it a nice touch of black.

I love richness of the color on this camel coat because the typical camel coat looks too khaki-ish, if you know what I mean. It's a classic piece, but not the least bit boring.

Never mind how inappropriate the picture is (I certainly don't mind), but I really like that vest. It reminds me of a conquistador. It's almost like armor with ruffles/pleats. I've seen the boots somewhere before, but they look good.

I would consider turtlenecks a basic staple because you can wear it with pretty much anything. Now khakis that are this light would would usually be a no-no for me, but it's a nice contrast from the black. I find the red suspenders to be quite adorable because it's a little dorky. A little dorkiness never hurt anyone.

Courtesy of Adam Kimmel

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

D.I.Y. Bags for the Masses

Retailers make billions every year producing bags with little or no heart at all, which is quite sad when you think about it. And sooner or later, you'll run into someone who has the same bag as you. Let me tell you, as an individualistic visionary in terms of style, it is one of the most awkward feelings in the world. So to lessen the chance of that happening, try some handmade bags from online vendors at Etsy.

The Fawn Vinyl Messenger $50.00

There's something very vintage about this bag. I like the richness of the red vinyl, which is a great alternative to leather. Bambi is a nice touch to an otherwise ordinary bag. The lining is also a nice colorful surprise.

The Zen Bag: Sumi $80.00

This bag is very "zen" because there is a balance of simple and complex. There's a complex mixture of materials like raw silk, canvas, metal and linen within a very simple design. It's very architectural too.

Seat Belt Messenger Bag $58.00

Harveys is known for the seatbelt bag, but what sucks is that their bags look a little too manufactured and are twice the price of this one. All they make are woven bags, which makes me kind of belittle their design ethic because this bag is not woven, and you could clearly see it is made of seatbelts.

Repurposed Black Synthetic Leather with Bow $105.00
This bag is made of old leather jackets that would've been thrown out otherwise. It's good reason to kill less cows. There is a very cool 1980s feel about this bag with the bow and all. This bag is the 80s done right.

Tan Messenger with Dahlia Pleats
This is one of those bags you'd expect to see in a store, but you wouldn't. The mixture of the leather and the vintage fabric pleats create a very cool effect. You'll be one of a kind on the streets because you're the only one not carrying Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci, or Prada.

Buttermilk Tan Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag $175.00

I love everything about this bag from the color to the design. I love the creamy color of this leather; it's very sophisticated. The raw edge makes it look handmade, which people will either love or hate. Oh, and those appliqued leaves are adorable.

Owl Field Bag $20.00
Okay, so you can get a bag like this at any army surplus store, but can you get it with a cute owl on it? Honestly, I'm am more interested in the print than the bag itself; it's hand screened.

Courtesy of Etsy

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a good thing we had the Golden Globes this year, otherwise we'd miss out on another testament of style.

Surprisingly, there were very few misses this year, except for maybe Renee Zellweger and her horrendous dress from Carolina Herrera (who knew?). The trend this award season was neutrals: whites and beiges, but I was a lot more excited for the colored dresses because I don't really believe in trends. Here are some of the best dressed of the night:

Mary-Louise Parker in Carlos Miele
Me being biased aside, I think she looks great, doesn't she? To be 44 in an arena for 20 somethings, she's in a league of her own. The bold blue and the contouring scales are incredibly flattering. I actually would've liked this dress a lot more if the bottom was open because she's still got it.

Laura Linney in Elie Saab
Here's another 40 something year-old actress who made a nice move. I feel like Laura usually is very safe with her style on the Red Carpet, but stepped it up this time in a yellow Elie Saab. Elie Saab is one of those designers who seems to always be able to translate something from the runway to the Red Carpet.

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
I was rooting for her to win Best Actress in a Motion Picture! Anyway, she looks absolutely exquisite. To be honest, it's a little on the classic side, which can be boring at times, but she doesn't look boring at all. This dress could've been a little bit more interesting if it was in green or purple maybe.

Tina Fey in Roberto Cavalli
2008 was definitely Tina's year, and I guess she wanted to acknowledge it by going a little edgier. I really liked the jeweled halter line, and the cleavage was just enough. For bigger-breasted women, this dress would probably look slutty, but she worked it.

Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab
I can't tell you how many times I've seen dresses like this. It's a great example of the whole "classic" look, which you can never really go wrong in. She looks great.

Eva Mendes in Dior
Of all the white gowns, this was my favorite. I like the crisp-white structured form with the side frill. I'm quite surprised the necklace was able to complete the look because usually a dress like this would fight with each other.

Kate Beckinsale in J. Mendel
This is my other favorite white dress. I love the ethereal and airiness of it all, but i also like that she strengthened it with those earrings.

Eva Longoria Parker in Reem Acra
Normally, on the Red Carpet, a red dress is a no-no, but Eva pulled this off. The scalloped bust line is very innovative, but the whole thing could've left a greater impression if it was yellow.

Melissa George in Armani Prive
This was my favorite dress of the night. If the dress was in any other color, she would've looked like "Vintage Barbie," but she looks great. I love the icy blue with with black trim.

Here are some of the looks I thought could've been better:

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Lanvin
This dress had a lot of potential to look great, but I really did not like the pouf on the one shoulder because it's distracting to an already busy dress. I'm a fan of Lanvin and the animal print, but this did not do it for me.

Drew Barrymore in John Galliano for Dior
I do love the dress, but what is up with that hair? She was supposedly channeling Marilyn Monroe, but I didn't get the whole sex symbol from her because that's not who she is. Maybe she was trying to balance the volume of the dress by volumizing her hair.

Anna Paquin in Herve Leroux
This girl is only 26 and she looks 40 something here. She used to look so adorable...what happened? She looks terrible as a blond and she also needs to fix that gap in her teeth; there is only one Lauren Hutton. Anyway, I do like her choice of Herve Leroux (the original Herve Leger who got fired under Max Azaria). It's the revival of a legendary designer.

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa
I'll admit, this is an improvement from the notorious green Versace dress she wore to the Grammys. It's very "J-Lo" and all, but the flashiness is too much. I would've liked it a lot more if it was a matte gold.

January Jones in Versace
This dress looked amazing on the runway, but that being said, it should stay there. If a dress requires a lot of movement to look good, don't wear it to the Red Carpet. The color is gorgeous on her though.

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace
I'm sure my opinion won't change anyone's mind about her, I mean, she's everyone's fantasy (not mine). It's just for being so ridiculously gorgeous, she chose to wear something so matronly. Dressing casually is great and all, but it's a bit inappropriate when everyone else has to put an effort in dressing up; she could at least do something with her hair.

Beyonce in Elie Saab
Here's someone who glammed up way too much. This was actually one of my favorite dresses from the S/S08 Elie Saab collection. It's perfect by itself, but she had to wear a necklace. Basically, the necklace is shiny and the dress is shiny, making it way too much. Unlike "the other one," she did not need to have such a formal hairdo because the dress was just enough. I think she needs to understand that "less is more" because this is not the first time.

Courtesy of UsWeekly Magazine