Saturday, April 25, 2009

To do the floral trend, do it like Erdem.

I would say that florals are definitely the trickiest patterns in fashion because you can end up looking like your Grandma's old couch. Florals usually have the problem of looking too overbearing and will emphasize things when you want to hide them. That is why I think Erdem did it right with his S/S 2009 collection. Instead of shying away from florals, he used it as a base for his designs.

Here, he chose to use a subdued floral, so it would accentuate the silhouette. It reminds me of a less avant-garde version of Balenciaga S/S 2008, which I like. And that chain hanging on the side is very cute.

The florals are subdued on this dress as well, but he chose to make them 3-dimensional on the bottom. I like that he chose a neutral/nude color so that it wouldn't distract the design element.

Okay, so maybe without the mini cape, this would just be a boring pink dress. However, I do love the sheerness of the cape because it's as if the flowers are floating.

This is my personal favorite! Yes, the design may be simple, but the little details and gorgeous print make it beautiful. He knew just how to manipulate the print to make it work because if it weren't for the green on the bodice, this could've been a bad 80s prom dress.

Here's a dress I thought that could've used a fabric switch. I don't like this muted weird graffitied floral print. However, I love the shape and drape of the dress.

This dress is just enchanting. I love the cascading effect of the dress and the yellow flowers. Hopefully, we'll see this dress on the Red Carpet sometime soon.

Courtesy of Style

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My latest art obsession is Cosas Mínimas by Blanca Gómez.

Cosas Mínimas means tiny things in Spanish, and you can see the simplicity in Gómez's artwork. In my opinion, it's a lot easier to do elaborate art than simple art because keeping something minimal without being boring is hard. I like that she has a definite color palette and line scheme. It's reminiscent of the storybooks I read when I was a kid.

Fete Print $30.00
Ah, I miss the occasional fiesta I used to go. The lights and people made such a fun ambiance that's hard to find nowadays because of the recession. This print reminds me of the fun times I used to have growing up.

Monsieur IV Print $30.00
I love the whimsicality of life. Plus, can you ever really go wrong with bubbles? And colored bubbles at that.

Rainy Day Small Print $22.00
This is definitely the cutest piece from the collection. The little girl's face reminds me of a large newt I saw at the aquarium. I love the different values of the clouds; it's somewhat realistic.

Lui Print $28.00
I love the simplicity of this piece. The guy is dressed up kind of like Jack the Ripper, but music is coming out of his mouth.

Sunny small city print $30.00
This is one of her more elaborate pieces, yet you can still see the minimalism in it. I think it's the sepia tone that ties the whole thing together.

The Cyclist Print $30.00
FAVORITE! It's quirky, versatile, and seems like a cool D.I.Y. idea.

Courtesy of Cosas Mínimas

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gareth Pugh, I love you!

I am fascinated by avant-garde fashion, but there are only a number of avant-garde designers that I really like. Gareth Pugh is one of them. For his S/S 2009 collection, he chose to use black and white as his color palette. I love his concept of using the past as reference for the future. You know a designer is talented if he/she can make black and white that captivating.

I love this dress, but if Queen Elizabeth I was caught wearing this, she would be called a skank. I actually think this dress could've done without the ruff because it already has so much texture to it. I love the two toned fabric scales, but I would love this dress if they mixed them together. That could be quite sellable.

Unlike the dress at first that could've done without the ruff, it's the main feature to this dress. Here, the ruff looks like wings, which I find to be ingenious. I wonder how long it took to make that.

I love this dress because it's got a hard and soft feel to it. It's got a structured top and flowy bottom, which creates a beautiful and classic silhouette. I also think the chevron texture at the top is a much needed touch to this dress.

This is probably the most street-friendly piece from the collection. It drapes beautifully and looks very modern. Some would even call it the holy grail of all hoodies.

When I look at this dress, the first thing that comes to mind is an armadillo. The scales are layer upon layer, creating a very armored effect. Also, it's funny to think that armadillos can be sexy, but he did it.

This is proabably the most avant-garde piece from his collection. If you wear this on the street, people would think you were headed to a convention or something. The look is very Samurai meets Transformers.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I usually abhor athletic apparel, but I absolutely love Duckie Brown S/S 2009.

I'm sure Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the designers for Duckie Brown, have a ton of fun designing; you could see it in the clothes. In the past few seasons of Duckie Brown, it has grown to be one of my favorite menswear labels. The clothes are usually very colorful, but it makes sense because it'll overwhelm the designs.

To me, Prince Charming dresses like this. Unfortunately, a lot of men have not caught onto this look yet, so it looks like I'll be single for a while. Yes, everything is loose, but not sloppy.

So the sweater is a little too bulky for my liking, but I do love the color combination of the stripes. And look at those basketball shorts...the pores are humongous! I remember dreading wearing these ugly things during P.E. class, but now I actually want a pair. Here's my question: "Do you have to wear them with tights?" It seems a little risque if you don't.

I love the sweater! It has a very post-apocalyptic edge to it with the circles and everything. I could see myself going skiing in this getup.

After the shorts, you have the jacket. If you wear this with a crisp white (or any bright color) shirt underneath, you'll stand out through the gigantic pores in a crowd of boring black blazers.

So this look is a little out there with the length of the shirt, but in a way, it works. Otherwise, it'd be boring. It's a good mixture of hard and soft in menswear that is mostly found only in womenswear.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you're planning to go to the desert, go with Bed|Stü.

I love the American Southwest influence on fashion because it's so vintage without being vintage. Now, I'm not talking about the kitschy Country Western baloney. I'm talking about the rich Mexican colors, organic homemade feel, and Native American folk art. And if you're going for the whole Bohemian thing, you'll have a lot of fun.

Archie $85.00
I find most denim bags a bit displaced (and quite tacky) for the most part, but this bag is pretty nice. Compared to the bad 90s denim bag trend, this bag works because it's not that ugly light blue jean color. It's a good wash with a nice green tint. We can bring this trend back if we do it right.

Iwo Jima $200.00
There are tons of chukka boots out in the market. the problem is, most of them are too generic and uninteresting. I like this one because there's a nice rawness to it and it's also not in suede. Oh, and the subtle contrast stitching is just right.

Novello $150.00
Okay, so the shoe itself is nothing to brag about, the strap on the back does it for me. Vintage innovation always gets me. I would totally get this if the shoe came in a rounded toe.

Boho $34.00
At 34 bucks, this is a pretty nice belt. I love the contrast of the rusty red and the antiquated nickle with the cute little sun. It's very hippie-ish and I want it.

Bowie $32.00
This wallet looks like a Native American artifact due to the white stitching. It's simple, but very nice. My current wallet is quite battered up, so I might just get this ($32.00 for this isn't too bad).

Courtesy of Bed|Stü

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thomas Paul is the Prince of Prints.

Textile Designer Thomas Paul has created some of the most insightful prints I've ever seen. He really pays attention to little details in ordinary things and basically magnifies them or puts them in a different light. There is nothing I've seen that I did not like.

Souk Rug Round $1082.00
I like this rug because it's kind of microscopic with the off-cropping. It looks like you're examining some kind of Indian patterned silk closely.

Ship Jute Tote $40.00
I love the whole Moby Dick collection, but they only have this one in tote form. I think it's a very "smart" bag because it'll shown people that you don't only know fashion, you know literature too. That's something I struggle with in the fashion industry.

Sarah Beet Pillow 18" $94.00
Nouveau Art has always fascinated me, even though it seems to get a bit cliche after a while. This pillow in particular draws me in because of the rich beet color and the intricate details used to make the print. Oh, and the pillow is reversible.

Gothic Plate (set of 4) $28.00
Melamine plates are fun to play around with if posters are not 3-dimensional enough. This collection is an interesting array of silhouettes. I've been reading a lot about the Mormons lately, and this figure is beginning to look a lot like Joseph Smith to me. LOL.

Hong Kong Garden Plate
(set of 4) $28.00
Now this is what I call genius. He basically took something as delicate as Chinese porcelain and gave it a new twist. Ironically, I wish there were less melamine and ceramic products lying around because in the long-run, they are not biodegradable. So as much a I like this, the bigger picture concerns me.

Courtesy of Thomas Paul

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is Armand Basi One a good throwback?

We saw many disasters in fashion during the 1980s, so would going back to it push fashion forward? I actually think so. People had lot of great ideas and experimented with new styles, but the execution went a bit overboard. If we ever get the chance to tap into this weird era in fashion, now is definitely the time. I mean, Armand Basi One has made the 80s silhouette cool again.

Perhaps this dress is a little galactic with the wings, but that gray really grounds the whole look. In a way, you need the wings because without them, it'd just be a dress.

I'd say this look is the epitome of the 80s: neon and parachute pants. I'm not sure how the pants would look like without the movement (probably not as good). However, I think this is a very good modern interpretation made possible by using softer colors. Oh, and I like the shoes too.

This dress is gorgeous because of its simplicity. It'd be a great evening dress, but maybe not so much for bigger-breasted women. This dress is a good opportunity for smaller-chested women to flaunt themselves.

On a personal level, this my favorite look because it's hilarious (even without the mask). The dress shows a lot of skin, but ironically, I don't find it vulgar. I guess if you want to play it a little safe, wear some black tights and you're good to go; I still like it the way it is.

The different textures of black really makes this black dress stand out. The skirt is a bit avant-garde, but the the floating top cover and the sheer bottom reminds me of a cupcake.

It's like having x-ray vision with the top. Though I do think the pants are cool, I would like to have seen this on a more casual model; a black tank top and jeans would've been perfect.

Courtesy of Style