Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is Armand Basi One a good throwback?

We saw many disasters in fashion during the 1980s, so would going back to it push fashion forward? I actually think so. People had lot of great ideas and experimented with new styles, but the execution went a bit overboard. If we ever get the chance to tap into this weird era in fashion, now is definitely the time. I mean, Armand Basi One has made the 80s silhouette cool again.

Perhaps this dress is a little galactic with the wings, but that gray really grounds the whole look. In a way, you need the wings because without them, it'd just be a dress.

I'd say this look is the epitome of the 80s: neon and parachute pants. I'm not sure how the pants would look like without the movement (probably not as good). However, I think this is a very good modern interpretation made possible by using softer colors. Oh, and I like the shoes too.

This dress is gorgeous because of its simplicity. It'd be a great evening dress, but maybe not so much for bigger-breasted women. This dress is a good opportunity for smaller-chested women to flaunt themselves.

On a personal level, this my favorite look because it's hilarious (even without the mask). The dress shows a lot of skin, but ironically, I don't find it vulgar. I guess if you want to play it a little safe, wear some black tights and you're good to go; I still like it the way it is.

The different textures of black really makes this black dress stand out. The skirt is a bit avant-garde, but the the floating top cover and the sheer bottom reminds me of a cupcake.

It's like having x-ray vision with the top. Though I do think the pants are cool, I would like to have seen this on a more casual model; a black tank top and jeans would've been perfect.

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