Thursday, April 16, 2009

I usually abhor athletic apparel, but I absolutely love Duckie Brown S/S 2009.

I'm sure Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the designers for Duckie Brown, have a ton of fun designing; you could see it in the clothes. In the past few seasons of Duckie Brown, it has grown to be one of my favorite menswear labels. The clothes are usually very colorful, but it makes sense because it'll overwhelm the designs.

To me, Prince Charming dresses like this. Unfortunately, a lot of men have not caught onto this look yet, so it looks like I'll be single for a while. Yes, everything is loose, but not sloppy.

So the sweater is a little too bulky for my liking, but I do love the color combination of the stripes. And look at those basketball shorts...the pores are humongous! I remember dreading wearing these ugly things during P.E. class, but now I actually want a pair. Here's my question: "Do you have to wear them with tights?" It seems a little risque if you don't.

I love the sweater! It has a very post-apocalyptic edge to it with the circles and everything. I could see myself going skiing in this getup.

After the shorts, you have the jacket. If you wear this with a crisp white (or any bright color) shirt underneath, you'll stand out through the gigantic pores in a crowd of boring black blazers.

So this look is a little out there with the length of the shirt, but in a way, it works. Otherwise, it'd be boring. It's a good mixture of hard and soft in menswear that is mostly found only in womenswear.

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