Saturday, April 18, 2009

My latest art obsession is Cosas Mínimas by Blanca Gómez.

Cosas Mínimas means tiny things in Spanish, and you can see the simplicity in Gómez's artwork. In my opinion, it's a lot easier to do elaborate art than simple art because keeping something minimal without being boring is hard. I like that she has a definite color palette and line scheme. It's reminiscent of the storybooks I read when I was a kid.

Fete Print $30.00
Ah, I miss the occasional fiesta I used to go. The lights and people made such a fun ambiance that's hard to find nowadays because of the recession. This print reminds me of the fun times I used to have growing up.

Monsieur IV Print $30.00
I love the whimsicality of life. Plus, can you ever really go wrong with bubbles? And colored bubbles at that.

Rainy Day Small Print $22.00
This is definitely the cutest piece from the collection. The little girl's face reminds me of a large newt I saw at the aquarium. I love the different values of the clouds; it's somewhat realistic.

Lui Print $28.00
I love the simplicity of this piece. The guy is dressed up kind of like Jack the Ripper, but music is coming out of his mouth.

Sunny small city print $30.00
This is one of her more elaborate pieces, yet you can still see the minimalism in it. I think it's the sepia tone that ties the whole thing together.

The Cyclist Print $30.00
FAVORITE! It's quirky, versatile, and seems like a cool D.I.Y. idea.

Courtesy of Cosas Mínimas

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