Friday, April 17, 2009

Gareth Pugh, I love you!

I am fascinated by avant-garde fashion, but there are only a number of avant-garde designers that I really like. Gareth Pugh is one of them. For his S/S 2009 collection, he chose to use black and white as his color palette. I love his concept of using the past as reference for the future. You know a designer is talented if he/she can make black and white that captivating.

I love this dress, but if Queen Elizabeth I was caught wearing this, she would be called a skank. I actually think this dress could've done without the ruff because it already has so much texture to it. I love the two toned fabric scales, but I would love this dress if they mixed them together. That could be quite sellable.

Unlike the dress at first that could've done without the ruff, it's the main feature to this dress. Here, the ruff looks like wings, which I find to be ingenious. I wonder how long it took to make that.

I love this dress because it's got a hard and soft feel to it. It's got a structured top and flowy bottom, which creates a beautiful and classic silhouette. I also think the chevron texture at the top is a much needed touch to this dress.

This is probably the most street-friendly piece from the collection. It drapes beautifully and looks very modern. Some would even call it the holy grail of all hoodies.

When I look at this dress, the first thing that comes to mind is an armadillo. The scales are layer upon layer, creating a very armored effect. Also, it's funny to think that armadillos can be sexy, but he did it.

This is proabably the most avant-garde piece from his collection. If you wear this on the street, people would think you were headed to a convention or something. The look is very Samurai meets Transformers.

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