Monday, April 13, 2009

Thomas Paul is the Prince of Prints.

Textile Designer Thomas Paul has created some of the most insightful prints I've ever seen. He really pays attention to little details in ordinary things and basically magnifies them or puts them in a different light. There is nothing I've seen that I did not like.

Souk Rug Round $1082.00
I like this rug because it's kind of microscopic with the off-cropping. It looks like you're examining some kind of Indian patterned silk closely.

Ship Jute Tote $40.00
I love the whole Moby Dick collection, but they only have this one in tote form. I think it's a very "smart" bag because it'll shown people that you don't only know fashion, you know literature too. That's something I struggle with in the fashion industry.

Sarah Beet Pillow 18" $94.00
Nouveau Art has always fascinated me, even though it seems to get a bit cliche after a while. This pillow in particular draws me in because of the rich beet color and the intricate details used to make the print. Oh, and the pillow is reversible.

Gothic Plate (set of 4) $28.00
Melamine plates are fun to play around with if posters are not 3-dimensional enough. This collection is an interesting array of silhouettes. I've been reading a lot about the Mormons lately, and this figure is beginning to look a lot like Joseph Smith to me. LOL.

Hong Kong Garden Plate
(set of 4) $28.00
Now this is what I call genius. He basically took something as delicate as Chinese porcelain and gave it a new twist. Ironically, I wish there were less melamine and ceramic products lying around because in the long-run, they are not biodegradable. So as much a I like this, the bigger picture concerns me.

Courtesy of Thomas Paul

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