Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rodarte throws what I know about fashion out the window.

Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy in the past few years have created a fashion empire. What surprises me most is that they did not study fashion (English and Art History). But actually, that's much more interesting than someone who has studied it so much that there's not much room for creativity. You look at their designs and can tell it comes from a place much deeper than fashion. I wouldn't say their designs are very wearable, but on a conceptual level, they're genius. The S/S 2009 collection is a mix of leather, metal, tie-dye; it's very New Wave punk.

I find this very ethereal and there is beauty in the neutrality of the look. I love the sheer sleeves, but I don't necessarily like the 3-parter; one would've been enough. Those leather leggings are mind-blowing, but I don't think they're that functional or wearable.

This is my favorite look from the collection because it's visually the most interesting. I love that splash of blue and the asymmetrical strap balanced out with a chain. Unlike the nude look, the stark white is very refreshing.

I am mesmerized by the intricate details put into making that top. Who knew crocheting could be so high fashion? Oh, and that lamé skirt gives the shine that this look needs. A simpler top would do the skirt justice for sure.

This is probably the most clean-line look from the collection. That skeletal rib cage top is absolutely beautiful. If you're skin shy, you could wear something underneath, but the effect would not be the same. But if you're not skin shy, make sure there's no nipple exposure when you're wearing it (unless you want it).

Although I don't think the color palette is quite right with this dress, I love the flow of the color into another one. It's almost like visible air. And the paint-like strokes make this dress more than just a dress; it's an art piece.

Courtesy of Style

Monday, May 25, 2009

For Neil Barrett, it's all about the subtle details.

Every piece Barrett designs has an element of humor and spontaneity to it. The details he puts into design are subtle, but you don't have to look closely to see them, which is always good. One thing's for sure, you'll stand out. He is also one of the more "colorful" designers out there. For his S/S 2009 collection, he has made sportswear a lot more sporty by using bright colors and materials not usually made for athletic use.

I love randomness of the black sleeve. Even though it is a very contrasting color, it does not disconnect from the shirt. You can also normalize it by wearing some kind of blazer or jacket.

Lapel suspenders! Where do I go to get a pair? It would be cool to jazz up a casual look. Those shoes are so Chanel 2006, yet I'm still very nostalgic about them.

I'm not sure if the tie is attached to the shirt, but if it is, that'd be pretty cool. I could never get myself to wear neon shoes, but they look great on the model.

This could be a reason to wear a tracksuit. The cut and color adds some sophistication to otherwise ordinary jogging clothes.

The elbow detail on the sweater is subtle enough that it doesn't look like a "Trekkie's" uniform. Even though the orange shorts look a bit doubty, I can see myself wearing them because I'm whacky like that.

Courtesy of Style

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ever since I returned that fake Givenchy bag, I've been on a new bag search.

For me, it's a difficult challenge because something's usually either really good but is expensive or it's at reasonable price and I still don't want it. It's not all about appearances all the time; I need it to function as well. Oh, and standing out in a crowd is pretty important.

Freitag F21 Nightclub CHF 180 $167.30
I knew about Freitag before it was "cool," but didn't have money to buy it because I was a broke high school student. But now that i do have a job, I can afford one. It's a good choice because it's eco-friendly (made of out old tires, signage, and car parts). But these remind me too much of those bike hipster bags, which is not my thing.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Airliner' flap $358.00 $250.00
This is actually a really nice bag. It's a good staple coming from Marc Jacobs, who doesn't really design staples. However, the bag I'm using now is a Marc by Marc Jacobs, so if I use this, it will be as if I haven't gotten anything new.

Berlin Bag $175.00 $148.75
This is another recycled bag that is made of old wool blankets from Berlin. The random German text throws me off, but it's kind of endearing in a way. Unfortunately, wool is too hard for me to maintain because it gets dirty so easily and needs to be dry-cleaned. Who has time for that?

Yves Saint Laurent 'Manhattan' $895.00 $716.00
I would have to say this is the best "all purpose bag" there is in the market. It looks formal enough for work or special occasions and casual enough to do whatever. The gloss from the patent leather screams luxury, but I don't have 700 bucks to fork over. Unfortunately, there's only 2 left, so hopefully they'll still be there when I have enough money.

Alexander McQueen Pilgrim $1,419.00
No one does it like McQueen! As my favorite designer, he has done it right with this gorgeous bag. I love simplicity of the design and pale gray coloring; it's what I would call "modern antiquity." Too bad it's over a thousand dollars. Otherwise, I would've still gotten it if it were the same price as the YSL bag.

Raf Eastpak Flap $208.76
Raf Simons is going to do his last collection for Eastpak this season. Now the past two seasons were too horrendous and dysfunctional to use. This season is pretty awesome because there's such an interesting mix of materials (natural and metallic leather, cream colored straps and canvas). I'm sure Eastpak is getting most of their revenue from this because their other products are quite ugly. Since this collection is only going to be sold for a limited amount of time, I might just get it for the price and design.

Courtesy of Freitag, Bluefly, Oki-ni, Yoox, Design Within Reach, Zappos

I'm currently on Accutane right now and my lips are always dry and chapped.

Being a drug store junkie, I didn't really want to invest too much money on specialty products. So far, there isn't a lip balm out there that lasts throughout the day, but here are some products I've used. Some were better than others, and surprisingly, the ones I wanted to work, did not.

Blistex Lip Infusion
I really thought I would like this because of the ball applicator, but in the end, it was a disappointment. As soon as I put on the liquid balm, it basically evaporated after a few seconds. Now maybe for regular un-medicated people, this is a good product.

Medicated ChapStick
Nothing works like good ol' Chap Stick. This one is a medicated version, which works quite well. My problem is the packaging. When it's in your pocket and you move, so does the wheel on the Chap Stick. So when I opened it last time, everything was smushed.
Carmex Original Stick
I've used Carmex for many years and it's great for anything mild. I liked it because of the cool menthol feeling it left on your lips. However, right now, it's just not working that well. I have to keep applying it and it's quite messy having to do that.

Burt's Bees Replemishing Lip Balm
As much as I would like to believe that natural/organic things work better, this one doesn't do itself justice. First of all, the packaging is the same as Chap Stick, so the same thing happened. I put it on and felt greasy. What drove me to buy this was that there was pomegranate in it. The antioxidants did nothing for me.

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture
This turned out the be the most effective product for me. My lips absorbed everything right away and became moist. It's like lotion on your lips. Also, the packaging is great because the rotating device is inside, so it's kind of like a glue stick. I'm currently running out, so I'm going to need to get a new one. Anyway, for people on Accutane, I highly recommend this.

Courtesy of Walgreens

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been "hopelessly devoted" to Maison Martin Margiela for the longest time.

Martin Margiela is such a fashion forward designer without the 21st Century kitsch. His ideas about future style resonates with what we know now, which is a good direction to head towards. He's also quite avant-garde with his designs, but they're pretty street-friendly at the same time. Now if only I could afford his stuff...

White Distressed Leather Wallet $375.00 $225.00
I lost my wallet the other day, but found it later. Had I really lost it, this would've been my replacement. The color and size are perfect (mine is way too long). I love that it has a coin snap, full closure snap, and 8 card slots. I might just get it because.

Nail Ring $145.00 $87.00
I'm not much of a jewelry person, but when something awesome, it's hard to deny it. Here we have a ring made from a nail. How genius is that? This could be a D.I.Y. project, but it'll require too much labor, so I'd rather just buy it.

Parachute Waistcoat $529.36
I personally would not wear that vest, but it's still pretty cool. I like how he mixed in all the different materials like denim, cotton, polyester, etc. It also has an adjustable strap on the vest.

Canvas and Leather Messenger $845.00 $507.00
I love the juxtaposition of the white canvas and leather. It gives a nice touch to what would've been an ordinary white canvas bag. I wonder if it's detachable and be used as a dopp kit as well.

Sci Fi Sunglasses $410.06
This pair of sunglasses has been made in collaboration with Italian eyewear brand Marcolin. L’incognito.It's made from a solid piece of Polycarbonate, so there's not a whole lot of cutting and pasting involved. It's very futuristic looking and I'm pretty sure you'll look crazy walking down the streets, but will definitely be original.

Tennis Confetti Trainer $290.77
These shoes are so cute! The shoelaces that come with it are off color, but you can buy a pair of white shoelaces and you're good to go. It's inspiration for a D.I.Y. project (white paint dripping on black shoes), but I'm afraid the result won't be as well executed. Maybe I'll just use stencils. Thank you Martin Margiela for giving such a great idea.

Courtesy of eLuxury, Oki-ni

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Costume Institute Gala at the Met this year was interesting as always.

There was definitely more fashion risk-taking than last year. I like this event in particular because it's pretty much the only time celebrities can experiment with fashion and not have to worry about being on the "worst dressed" list. It's not about being glamorous; it's about having fun. Here are some people I thought did it right according to the dress code.

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana
She totally made a comeback with this tuxedo to show that she is stronger than ever. The shimmer of the fabric of the suit feminizes the whole look. I love those puffed sleeves and length of the pants. (I personally would dow ithout the bowtie). She managed to look sexy in a suit, so I'll give her props for that.

Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix
For someone who's style I don't particularly like, Mary-Kate sure made an appearance in this beautiful gray Lacroix. The metallics on this dress add to the modern effect that she is trying to portray. Oh, and the hair is just perfect.

Jessica Biel in Versace Atelier
Jessica is dazzling in this beautiful Versace Atelier gown. I love the tiered effect and corseted top. I also think she did a good job with the makeup and accessories.

Blake Lively in Versace
It's refreshing to see her in something different. She's the type of gal who embodies the whole "laid-back California" look, which can be quite boring. She really edged everything out with the slicked back ponytail and the slits and cuts of the dress.

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs
Mrs. Beckham always seems to march to the beat of her own drum. I absolutely love this dress; the polka dots add the much needed quirk to such a beautiful silhouette. She completed the look with a pair of interestingly heeled shoes. Then again, we're talking about someone who cares more about fashion over function.

Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs
My Hollywood muse is on a roll! She mixed up her whole look with different decades of the 20th Century: 1960s bouffant, 1980s zipper dress, and 1990s Versace-esque shoes. Damn, she's good.

Here are some people who could've done better with certain changes here and there:

Kate Beckinsale
in Marchesa
For a "costume gala," this was quite disappointing. The look is way too tame for me. Maybe a different color or length would've done the trick. Go for it if you're attempting the cabaret showgirl look.

Ashley Olsen in The Row
This whole look is flat from head to toe. It's so polished, she looks like a mental institution worker. She's also way too young to be wearing something for people who are 60+ years of age. The dress could've looked so much better if it was a mini instead. By the way, her line "The Row," sucks.

Katy Perry in Tommy Hilfiger
I usually love Katy's creative style, but this just did not cut it. Why would you wear such a generic design(er) to a costume gala? The cuff, neckpiece, and hideous shade of blue does no justice to her beauty.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton
I appreciate the fact that she took a risk and actually don't hate the design. What's really wrong is the print. I usually like bold prints, but this is way beyond bold; it's just ugly. The look could've been fantastic in a solid color.

Courtesy of USWeekly