Saturday, May 2, 2009

If you like Etsy, but question some people's craftsmanship, K Studio has it.

"Great design, green materials, and social responsibility need not be at odds with one another." That line grabbed my attention because one of the things I want to be as a designer is to be as ecologically friendly as I possibly can. I love that they use sustainable materials like hemp, recycled wool, and organic cotton. They create pieces with a childish style and adult sensibility. Unlike Sanrio, the characters are not conventionally "cute," but if you understand the whole "beautifully ugly" concept, they are much cuter.

Thoughts Wall Art $134.00
I used to be a comic/manga geek, so this piece really speaks to me. Their thought bubbles are very random and that dressed up dog is hilarious. She's looking for love apparently.

Family Series Tote $45.00

Here's an idea for a D.I.Y. project. I'm sure you can just get a plain canvas tote and draw with a fabric pen. I'll probably end being around $10. As much as I like this tote, I would not fork out $45 for it.

Animal Figures $180.00
These look very handmade and not manufactured, like the ones your grandparents had when they were young. I have no idea what these animals are supposed to be. A dog and bear? I actually like that they are somewhat ambiguous.

Round Face Pillow $124.00

How would you like to snuggle up to these cute things? If you're single (like me), it could be a "boyfriend/girlfriend" substitute.

Woodland Creatures Ornaments

I would love me some cloth ornaments because glass and plastic ones are so easy to break. They are versatile and can be used as keychains after the holidays. Oh, and they're 20 bucks.

Courtesy of K Studio

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