Monday, May 25, 2009

For Neil Barrett, it's all about the subtle details.

Every piece Barrett designs has an element of humor and spontaneity to it. The details he puts into design are subtle, but you don't have to look closely to see them, which is always good. One thing's for sure, you'll stand out. He is also one of the more "colorful" designers out there. For his S/S 2009 collection, he has made sportswear a lot more sporty by using bright colors and materials not usually made for athletic use.

I love randomness of the black sleeve. Even though it is a very contrasting color, it does not disconnect from the shirt. You can also normalize it by wearing some kind of blazer or jacket.

Lapel suspenders! Where do I go to get a pair? It would be cool to jazz up a casual look. Those shoes are so Chanel 2006, yet I'm still very nostalgic about them.

I'm not sure if the tie is attached to the shirt, but if it is, that'd be pretty cool. I could never get myself to wear neon shoes, but they look great on the model.

This could be a reason to wear a tracksuit. The cut and color adds some sophistication to otherwise ordinary jogging clothes.

The elbow detail on the sweater is subtle enough that it doesn't look like a "Trekkie's" uniform. Even though the orange shorts look a bit doubty, I can see myself wearing them because I'm whacky like that.

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