Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ever since I returned that fake Givenchy bag, I've been on a new bag search.

For me, it's a difficult challenge because something's usually either really good but is expensive or it's at reasonable price and I still don't want it. It's not all about appearances all the time; I need it to function as well. Oh, and standing out in a crowd is pretty important.

Freitag F21 Nightclub CHF 180 $167.30
I knew about Freitag before it was "cool," but didn't have money to buy it because I was a broke high school student. But now that i do have a job, I can afford one. It's a good choice because it's eco-friendly (made of out old tires, signage, and car parts). But these remind me too much of those bike hipster bags, which is not my thing.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Airliner' flap $358.00 $250.00
This is actually a really nice bag. It's a good staple coming from Marc Jacobs, who doesn't really design staples. However, the bag I'm using now is a Marc by Marc Jacobs, so if I use this, it will be as if I haven't gotten anything new.

Berlin Bag $175.00 $148.75
This is another recycled bag that is made of old wool blankets from Berlin. The random German text throws me off, but it's kind of endearing in a way. Unfortunately, wool is too hard for me to maintain because it gets dirty so easily and needs to be dry-cleaned. Who has time for that?

Yves Saint Laurent 'Manhattan' $895.00 $716.00
I would have to say this is the best "all purpose bag" there is in the market. It looks formal enough for work or special occasions and casual enough to do whatever. The gloss from the patent leather screams luxury, but I don't have 700 bucks to fork over. Unfortunately, there's only 2 left, so hopefully they'll still be there when I have enough money.

Alexander McQueen Pilgrim $1,419.00
No one does it like McQueen! As my favorite designer, he has done it right with this gorgeous bag. I love simplicity of the design and pale gray coloring; it's what I would call "modern antiquity." Too bad it's over a thousand dollars. Otherwise, I would've still gotten it if it were the same price as the YSL bag.

Raf Eastpak Flap $208.76
Raf Simons is going to do his last collection for Eastpak this season. Now the past two seasons were too horrendous and dysfunctional to use. This season is pretty awesome because there's such an interesting mix of materials (natural and metallic leather, cream colored straps and canvas). I'm sure Eastpak is getting most of their revenue from this because their other products are quite ugly. Since this collection is only going to be sold for a limited amount of time, I might just get it for the price and design.

Courtesy of Freitag, Bluefly, Oki-ni, Yoox, Design Within Reach, Zappos

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