Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been "hopelessly devoted" to Maison Martin Margiela for the longest time.

Martin Margiela is such a fashion forward designer without the 21st Century kitsch. His ideas about future style resonates with what we know now, which is a good direction to head towards. He's also quite avant-garde with his designs, but they're pretty street-friendly at the same time. Now if only I could afford his stuff...

White Distressed Leather Wallet $375.00 $225.00
I lost my wallet the other day, but found it later. Had I really lost it, this would've been my replacement. The color and size are perfect (mine is way too long). I love that it has a coin snap, full closure snap, and 8 card slots. I might just get it because.

Nail Ring $145.00 $87.00
I'm not much of a jewelry person, but when something awesome, it's hard to deny it. Here we have a ring made from a nail. How genius is that? This could be a D.I.Y. project, but it'll require too much labor, so I'd rather just buy it.

Parachute Waistcoat $529.36
I personally would not wear that vest, but it's still pretty cool. I like how he mixed in all the different materials like denim, cotton, polyester, etc. It also has an adjustable strap on the vest.

Canvas and Leather Messenger $845.00 $507.00
I love the juxtaposition of the white canvas and leather. It gives a nice touch to what would've been an ordinary white canvas bag. I wonder if it's detachable and be used as a dopp kit as well.

Sci Fi Sunglasses $410.06
This pair of sunglasses has been made in collaboration with Italian eyewear brand Marcolin. L’incognito.It's made from a solid piece of Polycarbonate, so there's not a whole lot of cutting and pasting involved. It's very futuristic looking and I'm pretty sure you'll look crazy walking down the streets, but will definitely be original.

Tennis Confetti Trainer $290.77
These shoes are so cute! The shoelaces that come with it are off color, but you can buy a pair of white shoelaces and you're good to go. It's inspiration for a D.I.Y. project (white paint dripping on black shoes), but I'm afraid the result won't be as well executed. Maybe I'll just use stencils. Thank you Martin Margiela for giving such a great idea.

Courtesy of eLuxury, Oki-ni

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