Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rodarte throws what I know about fashion out the window.

Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy in the past few years have created a fashion empire. What surprises me most is that they did not study fashion (English and Art History). But actually, that's much more interesting than someone who has studied it so much that there's not much room for creativity. You look at their designs and can tell it comes from a place much deeper than fashion. I wouldn't say their designs are very wearable, but on a conceptual level, they're genius. The S/S 2009 collection is a mix of leather, metal, tie-dye; it's very New Wave punk.

I find this very ethereal and there is beauty in the neutrality of the look. I love the sheer sleeves, but I don't necessarily like the 3-parter; one would've been enough. Those leather leggings are mind-blowing, but I don't think they're that functional or wearable.

This is my favorite look from the collection because it's visually the most interesting. I love that splash of blue and the asymmetrical strap balanced out with a chain. Unlike the nude look, the stark white is very refreshing.

I am mesmerized by the intricate details put into making that top. Who knew crocheting could be so high fashion? Oh, and that lamé skirt gives the shine that this look needs. A simpler top would do the skirt justice for sure.

This is probably the most clean-line look from the collection. That skeletal rib cage top is absolutely beautiful. If you're skin shy, you could wear something underneath, but the effect would not be the same. But if you're not skin shy, make sure there's no nipple exposure when you're wearing it (unless you want it).

Although I don't think the color palette is quite right with this dress, I love the flow of the color into another one. It's almost like visible air. And the paint-like strokes make this dress more than just a dress; it's an art piece.

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