Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Costume Institute Gala at the Met this year was interesting as always.

There was definitely more fashion risk-taking than last year. I like this event in particular because it's pretty much the only time celebrities can experiment with fashion and not have to worry about being on the "worst dressed" list. It's not about being glamorous; it's about having fun. Here are some people I thought did it right according to the dress code.

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana
She totally made a comeback with this tuxedo to show that she is stronger than ever. The shimmer of the fabric of the suit feminizes the whole look. I love those puffed sleeves and length of the pants. (I personally would dow ithout the bowtie). She managed to look sexy in a suit, so I'll give her props for that.

Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix
For someone who's style I don't particularly like, Mary-Kate sure made an appearance in this beautiful gray Lacroix. The metallics on this dress add to the modern effect that she is trying to portray. Oh, and the hair is just perfect.

Jessica Biel in Versace Atelier
Jessica is dazzling in this beautiful Versace Atelier gown. I love the tiered effect and corseted top. I also think she did a good job with the makeup and accessories.

Blake Lively in Versace
It's refreshing to see her in something different. She's the type of gal who embodies the whole "laid-back California" look, which can be quite boring. She really edged everything out with the slicked back ponytail and the slits and cuts of the dress.

Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs
Mrs. Beckham always seems to march to the beat of her own drum. I absolutely love this dress; the polka dots add the much needed quirk to such a beautiful silhouette. She completed the look with a pair of interestingly heeled shoes. Then again, we're talking about someone who cares more about fashion over function.

Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs
My Hollywood muse is on a roll! She mixed up her whole look with different decades of the 20th Century: 1960s bouffant, 1980s zipper dress, and 1990s Versace-esque shoes. Damn, she's good.

Here are some people who could've done better with certain changes here and there:

Kate Beckinsale
in Marchesa
For a "costume gala," this was quite disappointing. The look is way too tame for me. Maybe a different color or length would've done the trick. Go for it if you're attempting the cabaret showgirl look.

Ashley Olsen in The Row
This whole look is flat from head to toe. It's so polished, she looks like a mental institution worker. She's also way too young to be wearing something for people who are 60+ years of age. The dress could've looked so much better if it was a mini instead. By the way, her line "The Row," sucks.

Katy Perry in Tommy Hilfiger
I usually love Katy's creative style, but this just did not cut it. Why would you wear such a generic design(er) to a costume gala? The cuff, neckpiece, and hideous shade of blue does no justice to her beauty.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton
I appreciate the fact that she took a risk and actually don't hate the design. What's really wrong is the print. I usually like bold prints, but this is way beyond bold; it's just ugly. The look could've been fantastic in a solid color.

Courtesy of USWeekly

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