Sunday, June 7, 2009

At work, this guy let me design his living room for him.

This is the end result. It's very neoplastic, almost like an old-school video game. I love the intricate silhouette and texture lines. The guy already knew he wanted the Track sofa because it's a good basic living room essential. The challenge really was working around it. He was a bit iffy about color overload, so we toned it down with neutral grays and browns. Oh, and he also wanted to do the carpet in blue and orange, which I thought was a terrible idea. I envisioned it and thought his living room was going to look like a 76 gas station, so I suggested he mix in the gray with the blue instead. I think he could've done without the coffee table because it's better as a piece by itself. But looking at it as a whole, I think I did a pretty good job.

2 Grid Lobster Pillows $24.95 $9.95
Track Sofa $999.00
FLOR Fedora Charcoal Tiles $7.95
FLOR Straight and Narrow Blue Tiles $11.95 $7.95
Midway Coffee Table-Bench $299.00

The gentleman spent about $1,546.58 total, which is an incredible deal for all this to furnish a living room. I had fun helping him, especially because work can be torturously boring when I'm just standing there watching people walk by. It's kind of an outlet for my creativity.

Courtesy of CB2

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