Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love being high in demand at work.

It's makes my job easier and it stimulates my creativity. So this couple wanted me to help them with a botanical arrangement. Now, I could've gone all out and told them to go diarrheic with the design, but I tried to keep it clean because I realize that most people don't share my taste, which is fine. They decided to go with a basic clear glass vase with a blend of mulberry sticks. The waviness of the sticks keep the arrangement from being stiff and boring. The ceramic rocks gave it a pop of color.

Mulberry Sticks Coffee $9.95
Mulberry Sticks White $9.95
Cylinder Vase 19.5" $24.95
Glazed Ceramic Rocks Turquoise $7.95

They spent about $57.82, which isn't exactly a bargain. I'm sure they could've saved more money if they had their own vase or colorful objects, but I'm just glad I was able to help. Ironically, I sometimes surpise myself with the things I come up with.

Courtesy of CB2

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