Sunday, June 14, 2009

How would fine art work well on a polo?

Now, I've played around with fabric paint before, but I never thought of using them to create beautiful paintings on polos. P.S. by Paul Smith attempted this way before anyone else, which is always admirable. Apparently, the print on the polo drew inspiration from a 19th century still life French painter and Lithographer.

P.S. by Paul Smith Floral Printed Polo Top $157.11
I would totally forget about this little D.I.Y. project if I had the money to buy the polo, but since I'm poor, I have to come up with more affordable ways to do "fine art." I would suggest using a cheap polo shirt because if you splurge on a Ralph Lauren or Lacoste, you're bound to make expensive mistakes. I'm actually a bit nervous thinking about it because I have absolutely no background in painting, so all of this is going to be improvisation. I would imagine that piqué cotton is a very difficult fabric to work with because of the pores, but I haven't tried it yet, so I don't exactly know. Oh, and here are some paintings I might be using.

Courtesy of Paul Smith, PVR Consulting

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