Saturday, June 20, 2009

When I learned about shadow art, I was like "why didn't I think of that?"

Ellis Gallagher (Ellis G.) is famous for his shadow art, which are common objects on the street outlined with chalk. It's a very simple concept with so much meaning that's really hard to describe. Perhaps it's because we all could've done it; we just did not have the eyes to appreciate everyday objects in the same way.

Because of Ellis G., I now look at shopping carts differently. They are so much more interesting than they seem to be. I think he got the outline right on, but I'm not sure he did such a great job on the nooks. But can you blame him? That would take forever to finish. Also, chalk is not the easiest medium to use because there's no real precision to it.

This picture reminds me of coloring that gets out of the lines. There's a style for that, but I'm not sure there's a name for it. Anyway, I like the effect and in a way, it sort of acts as a sundial.

I'm sure many bike enthusiasts are going crazy after this piece. It shows the timeless elegance of the frame and silhouette of the bike. I bet a newer, more modern bike wouldn't have such a impact.

This has got to be my favorite piece. It's pretty much art imitating life because the rails on the brick walls almost look functional. It looks great even without the shadow filling it in.

Looking at the drawing, it seems like it would've been the easiest to do, but because flowers are so unstable, I bet it was the most challenging. This proves that notion that simplicity is more difficult than complex.

Courtesy of Ellis G.'s Myspace

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