Thursday, June 11, 2009

I returned the flakey Raf Simons bag, but now I'm looking for a crazy accessory to replace it with.

Considering the insane design aesthetic in these accessories, they are incredibly versatile. I could see myself using these things everyday. It would definitely give me the edge I've been looking for lately.

Raf Simons Embroidered Derby Shoe $1,190.73 $719.401
These shoes amaze me in the best way possible. I love the illusional ombre effect. They're so intricately embroidered that from a distance, they look like something else. For about $1,000+, I'm assuming it's a couture piece. I could always mimic this by using a plaid canvas shoe.

Martin Margiela Mix Chain Bracelet $156.00
I like Martin Margiela's accessories more than his clothes because you can go crazy and not go overboard with them. This bracelet literally combines modern and antique pieces to make a beautiful fusion. Also the juxtaposition of the two sizes gives the bracelet some depth.

Alexander McQueen Zip Wallet $314.00
My Birthday is coming up, and this wallet would be the perfect present. The neon orange is so eye-catching and I've been looking for a zip wallet because things aren't exactly secure inside a traditional billfold. It's by my favorite designer and it's the perfect size and color. Where can you possibly go wrong? Well, I wouldn't pay 300 bucks for it.

Bernhard Willhelm Black Mask Sunglasses $165.00
Unlike most people, I don't wear sunglasses to look "cool." I wear them to hide from the world when I don't want to be seen. Unfortunately, I've still been recognized because my nose shows, which ruins the purpose of being anonymous. These sunglasses have the coverage and quirkiness needed to keep a low profile in this vanity and status obsessed world.

Alex & Chloe Mix Tape Brooch $58.00
Who wears brooches nowadays? I would if I could, but I haven't found anything I liked. This, however, makes the best statement. One of my favorite past times as a kid was making mix tapes from the radio. It was a crafty and creative time before the iPod generation. This brooch pays homage to that.

Courtesy of Oak NYC, Browns Fashion, Oki-ni, Alex & Chloe

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