Friday, June 26, 2009

There's some ceramic madness going on at Habitat.

Ceramics has been an art for thousands of years, but we continuously find new ways to utilize it. Ceramic hair straighteners, television sets, and phones are now a part of our high-tech world. As for dinnerware, people are really coming up with quirky designs and graphics.

White Porcelain Teacup Shaped Tealight Holder $8.21 $4.10
What a delightful spin on a traditional teacup or tealight holder. I'm sure you can also use this as a teacup if you're thirsty and come evening, have a romantic tealight lit dinner.

Set of 4 Tapas Dishes and Tray $49.28 $24.64
I don't eat Tapas or Banchan much, but I probably would if I had this set of dishes. I love the compactibility and how they fit perfectly, so storage won't really be a problem.

Peony Cereal Bowl $12.32 $8.62
Concetta Gallo is a young ceramic artist who specializes in tabletop. She is known for her eclectic graphics, and here a great example. There's the typical floral pattern and then you have the car. I guess it doesn't look odd because the colors are more or less the same.

Lila Dinner Plate $14.80
Chinese ceramics has been a major craft since the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) and it's something that identifies the Chinese culture. The versatility of the blue and white is quite astounding because it never gets old. The twist to this plate is the asymmetrical floral arrangement, which is rare because Chinese philosophy is all about balance.

Arinya Set of 2 Tall Vases $73.95 $36.97
These vases are so odd-looking, but they're so interesting at the same time. They're like snapshots of the casting and molding process. Oh, and they're doubled up.

Pila Mug $6.59 $3.29
Here's a great example of having fun with ceramics. You have the function aspect with the mug, but there's a fun design element with the handle. You can drink delicately and seem elegant by pinching the handle instead of gripping it. LOL!

Chocky Fondue Set $19.75 $13.83
This is the perfect party item to bring over to a friend's home. The simple design makes it easy to carry around; it's pretty much the size of a mug. And the complementary stove stacks perfectly. At about 14 bucks, I'll try to gain back a social life.

Courtesy of Habitat UK

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