Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Francisco Pride 2009 was particularly special.

With the whole Prop. 8 (ban on same-sex marriage) passing, people have been really angry, especially for those in the LGBT community. Pride was a day for celebrating rather than fighting. The whole thing was unbelievably overwhelming with so many people. Streets were closed off, so the day's events could take place. In San Francisco, when things are big, we go all out.

The parade was fun to watch, but after a while the excitement turned stale because all it did was advertise. The good thing is now you know what corporations/companies are gay-friendly.

Many believe that lesbians don't have style, but from what I saw, I think they did a fairly decent job.

I guess going shirtless, suspenders, wifebeaters and jeans are "uniforms" for gay men.

There were so many porn advertisers. Usually they get annoying, but they featured live models; you can't give that up.

There were many "fetish" booths, but you had to pay extra participate in/watch the action.

However, there were fun things to do that were free, like this jumpy house.

It was fun watching bears in their natural habitat. They were selling calendars; I wonder how much they made.

It was nice to watch shows that weren't all crowded. Apparently, Solange Knowles (Beyonce's sister) and BoA (K-pop diva) were performing, but I wasn't crazy about them enough to put myself in that sea of people. This lady named "Kentucky Fried Woman" performed, and as you can see, it was way more interesting and explicit.

Although it was a day of celebrating, some people were still hard at work. I bet they enjoyed what they were doing though.

For those who love to dance, some neighborhood clubs paved public dance floors. It was fun to "pop, lock, and drop it."

"Lady" Gaga performed, and so many other singers. There were at least ten shows going on at once. If I was watching one, I was missing the other. It's kind of like fashion week...you have to pick and choose.

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