Saturday, April 25, 2009

To do the floral trend, do it like Erdem.

I would say that florals are definitely the trickiest patterns in fashion because you can end up looking like your Grandma's old couch. Florals usually have the problem of looking too overbearing and will emphasize things when you want to hide them. That is why I think Erdem did it right with his S/S 2009 collection. Instead of shying away from florals, he used it as a base for his designs.

Here, he chose to use a subdued floral, so it would accentuate the silhouette. It reminds me of a less avant-garde version of Balenciaga S/S 2008, which I like. And that chain hanging on the side is very cute.

The florals are subdued on this dress as well, but he chose to make them 3-dimensional on the bottom. I like that he chose a neutral/nude color so that it wouldn't distract the design element.

Okay, so maybe without the mini cape, this would just be a boring pink dress. However, I do love the sheerness of the cape because it's as if the flowers are floating.

This is my personal favorite! Yes, the design may be simple, but the little details and gorgeous print make it beautiful. He knew just how to manipulate the print to make it work because if it weren't for the green on the bodice, this could've been a bad 80s prom dress.

Here's a dress I thought that could've used a fabric switch. I don't like this muted weird graffitied floral print. However, I love the shape and drape of the dress.

This dress is just enchanting. I love the cascading effect of the dress and the yellow flowers. Hopefully, we'll see this dress on the Red Carpet sometime soon.

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