Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you're planning to go to the desert, go with Bed|Stü.

I love the American Southwest influence on fashion because it's so vintage without being vintage. Now, I'm not talking about the kitschy Country Western baloney. I'm talking about the rich Mexican colors, organic homemade feel, and Native American folk art. And if you're going for the whole Bohemian thing, you'll have a lot of fun.

Archie $85.00
I find most denim bags a bit displaced (and quite tacky) for the most part, but this bag is pretty nice. Compared to the bad 90s denim bag trend, this bag works because it's not that ugly light blue jean color. It's a good wash with a nice green tint. We can bring this trend back if we do it right.

Iwo Jima $200.00
There are tons of chukka boots out in the market. the problem is, most of them are too generic and uninteresting. I like this one because there's a nice rawness to it and it's also not in suede. Oh, and the subtle contrast stitching is just right.

Novello $150.00
Okay, so the shoe itself is nothing to brag about, the strap on the back does it for me. Vintage innovation always gets me. I would totally get this if the shoe came in a rounded toe.

Boho $34.00
At 34 bucks, this is a pretty nice belt. I love the contrast of the rusty red and the antiquated nickle with the cute little sun. It's very hippie-ish and I want it.

Bowie $32.00
This wallet looks like a Native American artifact due to the white stitching. It's simple, but very nice. My current wallet is quite battered up, so I might just get this ($32.00 for this isn't too bad).

Courtesy of Bed|Stü

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