Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anthropologie is one of the most whimsical places I've ever been to.

It's as if you're lost in a beautiful dream that you'd probably only find in Paris. Everything is very rustic and modern at the same time. If you're familiar with this subsidiary of Urban Outfitters Inc., you'll notice that the pieces I choose to talk about are a lot more toned down than what they usually sell; they're a little "too French" for my personal style.

Positively Dotty Glass $10.00
One of my favorite new things is polka dots. The fact that it's on a glass makes it that much more endearing. This reminds me of the milk glass I bought from them not that long ago. I like the price of my milk glass more because it was only $4.00, but I like the design of this one more.

Spring Petal Sugar & Creamer $32.00
You'll usually find these in a country home, but it'd be so cute to have them in the city. The give off a very homely sense that might make you feel less lonely. It's just the red is so happy, especially with those daisies on the bottom.

Standing Magnifying Glass $68.00-$128.00

I'm not sure what you do with these magnifying glasses. I guess you can use them to read. They are kind of pointless, but I think they make a room look "smart."

White Narcissus Mirror $328.00

There's something very Romantic about this mirror. It's very 19th Century Parisian bourgeois. It's a little too feminine for me personally, but I still like it.

Barely There Pendant Lamp $248.00

I've seen a ton of pendant lamps, and this one is my favorite so far. There's just something so wonderfully simple about it; it's industrial and domestic at the same time.

Orimono Pillow, Vines $78.00

Can I say D.I.Y.? It's done well though. I love the different leaf-shaped fabrics, and I'm sure it took nimble little childrens' fingers to put the whole thing together.

Colossal Bloom Rug, Rouge $198.00

In my drawing class, I learned how to draw on oddly shaped paper, and this rug really reminds me of it. The flower is not just on the rug; it is the rug. (How philosophical).

Courtesy of Anthropologie

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