Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adam Kimmel: Geriatric Fashion at Any Age

Part of my personal style is drawn from what older folks would wear, so I found a great interest in Adam Kimmel's designs. Surprisingly, he is able to make people look good even in old people fashion because he understands proportion, cut, and color. . Well, he's not flamboyant with his color choices like the way some old ladies dress, which is a good thing. His designs are so simple, yet complex at the same time, which means he's really talented.

What a cool nightgown-looking dress! The dress reminds me of "Wee Willie Winkie." It'd probably look a little "too comfortable" without the cardigan though. Well, you can formalize the look with heels also seen here.

There he goes again with his pajama theme. I'd wear those pants though. I really love that forest green cardigan. (It reminds me of my middle school days when I had to wear uniforms.) Personally, I wouldn't wear the tie, but I like it because it's unique.

My mom has a sweater that looks like the cardigan, but he looks great. I think it's because he didn't wear anything underneath. Otherwise, he'd look like Mister Rogers. I also like that gray suit paired with it because black would be too stark; the scarf already gives it a nice touch of black.

I love richness of the color on this camel coat because the typical camel coat looks too khaki-ish, if you know what I mean. It's a classic piece, but not the least bit boring.

Never mind how inappropriate the picture is (I certainly don't mind), but I really like that vest. It reminds me of a conquistador. It's almost like armor with ruffles/pleats. I've seen the boots somewhere before, but they look good.

I would consider turtlenecks a basic staple because you can wear it with pretty much anything. Now khakis that are this light would would usually be a no-no for me, but it's a nice contrast from the black. I find the red suspenders to be quite adorable because it's a little dorky. A little dorkiness never hurt anyone.

Courtesy of Adam Kimmel

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