Friday, December 19, 2008

Remember Skechers?

I remember when Skechers were all the rage in middle school. It was the only good alternative to the overrated K-Swiss, Adidas, and Converse All-Stars. (I kind of miss the days of the schoolyard hierarchy.) I feel like they're always trying to make a comeback, but I'm not sure if they have. From everything I rememeber, their business and popularity peak was between 2000-2002. Sometimes, I try liking them again. But I have a hard time because I personally, am not very interested athletic apparel. Hopefully, they'll do something in the future that will change my mind.

Men's Energy 2 Cruise Control $53.00
This is the same shoe I had back then, which is what they're known for. I always thought the women's color choices were a lot more interesting than the men's, which sucked for me because I'm someone who's not afraid of color. Well, I still think the shape of this shoe is flattering for people of any size.

Men's Piers $68.00
I would've liked these a few years ago, but my taste has since changed. However, if I am ever in another P.E. class again, I'll wear these.

Men's Klone $45.00
I actually think these shoes are kind of cute. I would wear them if I could, but they have a striking resemblance to Vans. I personally, find it hard to wear something when there are tons of people wearing the same thing as you, which is why I wouldn't be able to wear these.

Men's Alteration Caaba $72.00
This is a good example an athletic shoe company trying to sophisticate their brand. Honestly, does it ever really work? It's not bad looking, but it just doesn't work.

Women's Bikers Step Up $49.00
I guess this shoes has its functional purpose and is somewhat flattering as a Mary-Jane, but at the same time, I don't know many women who would wear it other than for riding bikes.

Women's Octanes Glorify $55.00
This shoe reminds me of Saucony, which I think is okay. Anyway, this might be just me saying this, but I think it would help if they made this for their men's line because as a man, I think it has a good shape to it.

Women's Bikers Cage $57.00
This is another biker shoe. I actually think this one is more functional than the other one because when you're biking, the last thing you want is a strap. Even though the other one might be more aesthetically pleasing, this one is more functional.

Women's Bestgirl $55.00
I actually think Skechers did a good job with this one because it's a little sporty, yet very "chic" (I never use that word). I also think think shoe is very flexible with age because a little girl or old lady can look good in it.

Courtesy of Skechers

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