Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who doesn't love Pocky?

Pocky is pretty much every Asian kid's favorite pastime. Growing up, it was definitely the highlight of every weekend after Chinese School. It has been a while since I've last had some, but I thought it'd be fun to blog about it. It's kind of ridiculous how a cookie stick dipped in cream can cause such a sensation. Ironically, it hasn't gone out of style.

These are the Pocky flavors I've tried:
The chocolate-flavored Pocky is the original flavor. It wasn't necessarily my favorite flavor, but it was the only one I knew about.

The strawberry-flavored Pocky was the only other flavor there was. I alternated the flavors sometimes.

The flavor of this Pocky is dark chocolate. I'm not sure why they named it "Men's," but it sounds a little sexist. I like dark chocolate, but like the original chocolate one better.

This Pocky is cheesecake-flavored. I love cheesecake, and this tastes nothing like it. That being said, it's still pretty good.

I actually really like the milk-flavored Pocky. It tastes very "nourishing," even though I'm pretty sure it's not that good for you. It also tastes a lot like the cheesecake one.

These are the flavors I want to try:
I love blueberries because they are sweet and full of antioxidants. However, I bet the flavoring has been processed so much that there is no more nutritional value.

Mangos remind me of the summer, when the weather is warmer and brighter. Now, I'm a winter person, but I guess you always want what you don't have.

This is a flavor I think would be interesting to try. I'm not sure black sesame is everyone's taste, but I never get tired of it.

I remember orange used to be my favorite flavor of anything, even though orange-flavored food never really tastes like the real thing because there's no citric acid, which is key to genuine orange taste. Orange is just really a nostalgic flavor.

I love green tea everything. You can never really go wrong with this flavor because it is light and fresh.

These are the flavors I'd rather not try:
I like banana, but not banana-flavored things. They always make things end up tasting awkward.

I also like pineapple, but I have the same opinion as I do with banana.

I just never really liked melons like honeydew or cantaloupe. They always have this weird taste that makes me want to puke.

Courtesy of the Pocky Shrine

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  1. I tried the green tea one. You should try it too. It's really good.