Sunday, December 21, 2008

United Colors of Benetton: Accessories

Whenever I think of this store, I feel a certain kind of resentment because it replaced a fond childhood memory of mine: the big Sanrio store on Stockton Street. Since we cannot do anything to what has already been done, let's talk about it's replacement. Every time I pass by this store, there is always some kind of sale going on, but I never feel intrigued enough to buy anything. Anyway, I notice I'm a lot more drawn to their accessories than their clothes, which is not very good for profit if clothes are supposed to be your main selling point. (If my business tips sound crazy, maybe they are.) Their designs aren't the most innovative, but they seem very refined and polished. In cases like these, execution becomes more important than design.

‘Bubble’ Eco-leather Bag
I think they did a good job using the crinkle effect on the leather because it would look quite generic otherwise. It's a good day to evening bag, in my opinion.

Eco-leather bag with Croc Print
This bag reads "sophisticated schoolgirl" to me. It's very sleek, rectangular, and glossy. It might be a little too sexy for an actual schoolgirl to carry, but it's definitely a boost of style. Now, if you're wondering what "eco-leather" is, it's basically 80% cotton and 20% synthetic microfiber. (It's important to learn about sustainable practices.)

Patent Ankle Boots with Openwork
To be honest, I don't really like these, I just wanted to make a comparison with the shoe version of this. I guess they could make nice rain boots.

Lace Up Patent Shoes
Although, I'm not sure a lot of women would be willing to wear these, I think they make great winter shoes. They'd look even better with white tights. You'll probably end up looking like tap dancer, but is that a bad thing?

Lace Up Leather Sneakers
I love a wingtip shoe, especially when designers find clever ways to interpret it. You guys should by now that I don't like athletic fashion, but rather athletic-inspired fashion. This is a great example of an athletic-inspired shoe. You can dress up or down and look great with these shoes, they're incredibly versatile.

Leather Openwork Messenger Bag
Perforated leather is hard to pull off. It either looks really tacky or really good. Color is also a really important factor when it comes to perforated leather. I saw this bag in brown, and it did not look as good as this one. This is a good bag for someone on the go. And if I hadn't gotten my Givenchy bag, I probably would get this one.

Hooded Scarf
This what I call practical, fashion forward, and fashionably humorous. Sometimes, it's not just about looking "cool," it's about finding the "funny" in fashion. The hooded scarf is a little costume-y, but it's hard for a guy to wear a scarf on his head and not look like a 1940s Hollywood actress or babushka. I really wanted to get this, but the store did not carry it because the buyer didn't order it in. It just comes to show you the conservativeness of people's style.

Lifestyle Eyewear Eyeglasses
I'm in search for a new pair of glasses because my current ones are all scratched up and dull. I like the dual black and white of this pair. It's very "smart" looking.

Courtesy of United Colors of Benetton

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