Friday, December 19, 2008

Quirky accessories for your home

I'm not an expert when it comes into the arena of interior design. But like fashion, you shouldn't be so serious all the time. Have fun with it. Quirky accessories tell a lot about our personalities.

Recycled Glass Head
What does one do with a glass head? I mean, it is a little creepy to have a decapitated-looking head in your room. I guess you could use it as a wig stand or hat mannequin, but I'd personally would fill it up with something (maybe paper stars, like the ones I used to fold as a kid).

Carton Vase $6.95
This vase is very random, but very cute. You can use it as a vase, pencil holder, or literally as a milk carton. You can a ton of fun with it. It'd make a great gift, plus, the price is not bad.

Fungi Low Table Lamp $79.99
These lamps are adorable. They look like toadstools from a Super Mario video game, especially the green one. Stick on a few white dot stickers, and it'll really look like one. For what it's worth though, $79.99 is kind of asking for a lot.

TV Frame $18.00
I remember when I was a kid, I thought you could just go inside a television. Well, it has come true with this picture frame. Simply put a picture of one of your favorite memories, and it'll be playing on TV forever.

Novelty Whatever Wall Clock $14.99
Time can be such a bitch sometimes. That is why this is the perfect clock for not keeping track of it. Hey, the "Whatever!" says it all.

Wood Calendar Box $29.99
When I was a kid, my dad got me this wooden block calendar that I could change everyday. It was very educational, let me tell you. Unfortunately, I grew lazy, and stopped using it. This calendar takes less effort and is much easier to use than than block calendar.

Courtesy of Pier 1 Imports, CB2, Target, EQ3, Urban Outfitters

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