Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sisley: it's all about the fashion

Contrary to what I said about the United Colors of Benetton, Sisley is all about the clothes. If you guys didn't know, Sisley is a division of the Benetton Group. They are all about casual edginess, and do a good job of creating it. In my opinion, their clothes are bit too formal for work and too casual for special events; it's more like "sophisticated street fashion."

I would like to have seen a brighter colored sweater, but this look works very well. I personally think suits are a bit too much sometimes, so if you want to dress down without looking too casual, give this a try.

The combination of the different shades of gray creates a good harmony. The vest and the shirt could look good by itself too. I like this hunting jacket/blazer with the three pockets on one side. I saw something like it at Banana Republic, but this one is a lot more interesting, and they're pretty much the same price.

I find it surprising that so many men's coats do not have belts because it makes such a difference when there is one. This coat would be a little more exciting if it came in green or something. Then again, it'd look more like something from its sister store.

You can never really have enough buttons. Whether they are functional or not, buttons add character to clothes. This coat does it for me. It reads "the biker who got away from the gang." I like the brown, white and black color palette.

This wrapdress/coat is a great example of contemporary Victorian fashion. It's very modern, but what makes it "Victorian" is the boning. It's a great way of creating a slimming effect.

This deep-v could've turned out looking quite slutty, but it's very "appropriate" with this outfit. The pants are cut just at the right length and the fit is very flattering. The coat is so cool without looking crazy. Well, it's subtly crazy because of the sleeves.

Whenever I think of "covered-up," I think "matronly." This does not look matronly to me because of all the little details, like the pleats of the sweater and the skirt tie. The whole look is a little busy. It'd be less distracting if the skirt was shorter and plainer, vice versa.

I like this dress even though it kind of looks like a poncho/muumuu. I'm not sure how this dress will move, but it looks great in the wind.

Sisley seems to always have a sale going on, so it wouldn't hurt to give this place a try. They don't carry as many things as United Colors of Benetton, but it's easy to be intrigued by this place. I like them because they haven't totally hit the mainstream yet; it makes me feel unique.

Courtesy of Sisley

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  1. I want the gray coat. That's some good design