Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's winter and getting all rainy. I hate the umbrella I have right now, and am planning to get a new umbrella.

Sky Umbrella $48.00
This is the first one I looked at and wanted. It's from the MOMA, which is why the price is so high. Anyway, I love the idea of the black on the outside and the bright sky inside. I'm sure it could cheer up anyone during a walk in the rain. There's a mini version, but it just doesn't look or seem to work as well as this one would.

Color Spectrum Umbrella $40.00
I did not think I would like this umbrella when I first saw it because it had too much color to it. But after reading the description about it, and understanding the scientific background (color spectrum), it kind of grew on me. I like the silver handle, which makes it a lot more sleek and not look like one of those beach umbrellas or playchutes I played with in elementary school. Still this umbrella is kind of expensive because it's also from the MOMA.

Slang Print Umbrella $16.00
This is the most controversial umbrella I've ever seen, and I'm always in for controversy. Imagine walking in the streets, and just cussing people out without saying a word. However, you might want to avoid children. Then again, they'll learn anyway. I also love that this umbrella at a reasonable price. I might just get this one because of that.

Galleria Paris Auto Stick Umbrella $26.99
When I think of Paris, "epic romance" comes to mind. The umbrella portrays the city in such a perfect place fall in love that it gives me hope. I realize how pathetic it is to believe in something because an umbrella makes you feel so.

Auto-Open Wooden Duck Handle Umbrella $16.99
Purple is currently my favorite color. I actually think this a woman's umbrella, but I don't care, I still like it. I've always wanted a duck handle umbrella; I just could never find one I liked. This is the perfect one.

Totes Stripe Jumbo Family Umbrella Black/White $19.99
This umbrella is very mesmerizing. It's what my friend would call a good "LSD trip." Hey, if I could mesmerize people with my umbrella, why not?

Futai Futai Umbrella/Walking Stick $67.99
I love the multifunction-ness of this umbrella. It could be an umbrella when it's raining or a cane when you're old. I do not have those kind of geriatric concerns yet, but I want it regardless. It sure is expensive though.

Courtesy of Amazon, MOMA

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  1. Get the cuss words umbrella! It's hilarious.