Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Cards might be better presents due to the current economic crisis.

I love giving and receiving holiday cards because they are cheap, yet heartfelt. Sometimes, they're even better than receiving physical gifts. I know all this because I used to work at a high-end stationery shop, and got to sort through all kinds of cards. I've seen some really nice ones and some really "ghetto" ones. Then again, it's all about the messages and intentions.

Peace, Love and Understanding (box set) $15.00
This is my favorite. I like the combination of the vintage and the sly caption. It's basically what made Anne Taintor famous. It's a great card to give to a friend who you enjoy laughing with.

Have a Merry Whatever (box set) $15.00
I'm sure a lot of people will find this card offensive, but you've got to admit that it's kind of funny. The caption is funny because it "reveals" what they were probably thinking at a time when you really could not speak out.

Engraved Partridge in a Pear Tree Holiday Cards (box set) $34.00
Crane & Co. Papers is like the Valentino of stationery. Even though a lot of their designs are really simple, they tend to cost a lot. At the same time, it's a form of luxury in a card that you probably would not able to give in a present, like gold. I like that the card reflects the song.

Multi-Lingual Holiday Card (box set) $19.00
This card is good for pen pals or international friends. I'm assuming it's cheaper than the other Crane card because they don't have gold embossed on it.

Globe with Calligraphy (box set) $18.92
I'm someone who celebrates the Holidays with no religious affiliation, so for me, it's really about the hope of everyone coming together. This card, doesn't look like "Christmas," but it says everything about it.

Green Foil Tree, Green Gems (box set) $24.95
This card is apparently hand-made (not sure by a worker or a child laborer). Regardless, I think this is very cute.

Six ornaments $7.95
Okay, this card is pushing pennies to dollars. I think you should get this only if you plan to give to someone you love because you'll think "it's worth it." I guess the price corresponds with all the shininess.

Three Stockings $6.95
This card is very old-school looking, very much like a 1970s textbook. I'm not sure why this card is so expensive. Vintage? It's a good card to give to a teacher.

Courtesy of Papyrus, Crane & Co., Anne Taintor

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  1. I like the 2nd card. Jewish. LOL!