Thursday, December 18, 2008

I sure love me some Doc Martens.

Their signature yellow stitch is like the signature Christian Louboutin red sole, except this brand is a lot more unisex. Throughout the years, this company has created some pretty awesome shoes for people like me.

Patrice Black Nappa CBR $70.00
These shoes are adorable, yet still maintains its edginess. It kind of reminds me of those kung-fu shoes they sell in those souvenir shops in Chinatown. However, these are much cooler.

3989 Dark Brown Zenith
I have a pair of wingtip Docs, but mine isn't as classic as this one. Well, I did buy mine from Ross for $24.99 afterall. Had I found this at Ross for the same price, I would've gotten this one. Oh well.

1460 Womens Black+Rose Stripe Patent $110.00
Ooh, patent leather! The whole ombre patent leather combination is reminiscent of the shoes from Prada's Fall/Winter 2007 collection. Are these "out?" Yes, but who cares if they are; they're gorgeous.

Vintage 1460 Oxblood Quilon $150.00
I own a pair of the original style of Doc Martens, which are a little on the boring side. Had I known I had more color choices, I would've chosen this one. They actually do have a pair of these in this color (less expensive too), but they just don't look as nostalgic.

Anyway, prominent Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto has collaborated with the company to create a whole new line. I like Yohji Yamamoto's designs and his diffusion line, Y-3, but this collection kind of sucks. Also the price range is way too high for me to like. I'd just stick to good old Doc Martens.

Yohji 10 Eye Boot Black + White Softy T $570.00
I think this one is okay, but the color contrast is too much. I also feel like for $570, I could totally just get a pair of classic Docs and paint the front and tongue white.

Yohji Strip Boot Dark Brown Grizzly $600.00
This is my favorite form the collection because it's the only one that's obviously different. I didn't like this one in black because the buckles made it a little too S&M.

Yohji 10 Eye Boot Black Canvas $520.00
A canvas boot. Now that's a first. I actually like this one because it's an interesting take on the classic Doc Martens. It's still kind of expensive for canvas though.

Homme 10 Eye Boot Blue Illusion $890.00
I do like this shade of blue, but I have a rule when it comes to blue shoes: don't wear them with blue jeans. This pair really stands out from the others, but I still don't think it should cost $900...Yohji Yamamoto or not.

Courtesy of Dr. Martens


  1. Woah I haven't thought about Docs for a long time. I like those strappy belt ones though. But not really worth $600...

  2. OMG, I love the "Prada" boots. They are so darling.