Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been paying attention to Paul Smith for a while now,

and the crap they carry from him in department stores suck. Anyway, they've finally opened a store here in the city, and let's just say, it could be the coolest hang out spot if I had the money that is. They sell pretty much everything here from colorful fashions, vintage books on Chanel, Dior, YSL, whacky chess boards, funky umbrellas, to whimsical tea sets. There is a very retro 1960s feel to it, which is completely nostalgic to the senses. I also love that he is able to add much needed color to "classic pieces"; he's basically the only one I know to do so. Hence, my sudden Paul Smith fascination has gotten me to talk about it.

Wallet $228.32
Sometimes that signature Paul Smith coloring can be a bit obnoxious sometimes, but they worked that perfectly with this wallet. It looks like rainbow wood patterns. I've been thinking about getting a new wallet, especially one that is zipped, so nothing will fall out; this is a potential buy when my current one completely dishevels.

Cora Heels $253.69
I'm sure I've seen these heels somewhere. Anyway, I have a thing for t-straps; they're so 1940s. The patent with the pop of yellow from the sole are very cute; it's what I would call "innocent dominatrix."

Cardigan With Bow Tie Neck $229.73
I like that everything on this cardigan is off-kilter, otherwise, it's a K-mart staple. That bow is also absolutely adorable. The color is nothing special, but I guess it's still more interesting than black.

Frill Fronted Blouse $181.81
This blouse is a little bit weird by itself. Then again, you won't be able to understand this blouse's magnifiance until you see it with some outerwear; it's like a gorgeous drape for you neck. I much prefer this green over a typically feminine color; it makes a strong woman.

V-Neck Cardigan with Contrast Color $119.80
This cardigan is a geriatric take on youth. It's old, but the yellow trim livens it up. The last button is very fun and quirky.

Printed Flight Bag $267.79
I returned that Givenchy bag a while back, so I'm on the lookout for another one. This bag has so many artful elements to it that it's a definite potential. I like "wearing art." For a canvas bag, the price is a bit too high; I'd totally get if it was less than $100.

Shadow Floral Sock $19.75
Flowers on men's socks. Now that's something unheard of, which is exactly why I want them. I'm kind of a sock collector, and so far all I'm missing are florals. $20 is too expensive though.

Men's Watch $324.44
There's soething so Curious George/The New Yorker about this watch. Everything is so modern vintage about it. I'm not sure what the font is called, but I really like it.

Slim Fitted Formal Shirt $169.27
The pattern is a spin on polka dots. Polka dots are usually so perfect that they forget they're supposed to be a fun print. "Polka Dots Gone Wild" LOL! I want this shirt now.

Miller Brogue $282.12
Ya'll know how I love me some wing-tips, or brogues as the British call it. These come in several colors: green, red, blue, which is perfect if you ask me. This store is all about color, so save your money on neutrals if that's all you dare to experiment with. They would be 100% if they were round-toed instead of pointed.

Courtesy of Paul Smith


  1. He reminds me of a mature version of Paul Franks. lmao.

  2. WTF @ polka dots gone wild. You are hilarious.