Thursday, March 12, 2009

Public art is always in fashion because, well, it's free.

I also really like art that can be simple, yet says a whole lot. I guess that's a literal description of Martin Firrell's art. I really appreciate all the witty little sayings that mean so much.

The place I call home is supposed to be a very liberal part of the world. But what I see nowadays is pretty much unrecognizable. I personally feel that we live in a state of fear, so the government can control us. This should not be just public art; it should be a monument.

Yes, it's a pessimistic message, but it's universal. I'm sure no one stays 100% positive all the time, especially when we're hit with so many things everyday. I guess all we can really do is look for the light at the end of each day and say "I lived it."

It seems that a lot of people do not use their minds these days. It's as if we're all too busy sulking in our own comfortable situations. I feel like people believe more than they think, which is scary because I don't want my life to be based on prediction.

We all have power; it just depends how much of this pie we all get. However, it's hard to really have power at this moment because when you have power, you also have major responsibilities. What sucks is, certain people have power even though they really do not deserve it. We live in an unfair world.

When you live in a corrupt system, the only way to resolve it is to go against it. Otherwise, the wrong will always make it seem like they're right. I hate that.

Even though Obama is president, I still think the government is still run by fools, or rather by people who think we are fools. Personally, I think the government calculated this financial mess to screw with our minds. But we never get to really investigate these things because we don't use our minds.

I often find that 1984 is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's hard to really find originality anymore, especially with a growing human population, and people wanting the same things. I could apply this same concept to fashion. It's challenging to be original these days without forking over some serious cash, but if you are creative enough, you can totally do it.

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