Monday, March 2, 2009

Graphite Objects is an interesting concept to make from art.

They are designed by local artist Agelio Batle. What I like about them is they do not require any kind of sharpening, so that itself is a sustainable practice. It also does not smudge onto your hand when you use it. They're a bit pricey, but if you ever want to give someone a nice graduation gift, this is the way to go.

Olive Branch

This is the cheapest one of the bunch, but I understand why. It just doesn't require as much skill to make it to look like what it's supposed to be.

Calla Lily $48.00
Calla Lilies are definitely one of my favorite flowers. They're so simple and elegant, which is why I love this piece. I'm sure when you use it, you'll feel a lot more sophisticated.

Asparagus $48.00
Asparaguses are on my list of favorite vegetables. They're like flower buds that you can eat. They also kind of look like paintbrushes, which gives this piece a great meaning.

Quill $42.00

I love design that reverts modernity to antiquity. Whenever I think of quill pens, Benjamin Franklin pops up. It's so prim and proper, except this requires no ink.

Carrot $56.00
If I had to choose a vegetable to be a writing utensil, a carrot would be perfect. It's pointed, so it'll only get dull when you don't slant it. There's a reason why it's so expensive; it's the best investment.

Pea Pod $48.00
Pea pods are just cute in general. Actually, this is my favorite from the whole collection. The design is so simple, yet so elaborate with the little peas popping out.

Courtesy of Sattva Gallery

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  1. Is there a rose one? That would be like the best Mother's Day gift ever.