Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've finally been to the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the de Young!

So this exhibit has been displayed for a few months, and I just had to go before I missed my chance. Before going, I had just expected it to be a select few pieces from YSL. Man, was I wrong. The exhibit had so many originals from Monsieur St. Laurent, like the Mondrian dress, knitted cocoon dress, the pre-Gaultier coned breast dress, etc. I always knew YSL was a talented designer, but I had no idea he was a GENIUS! I later had the same mindset when I went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. I wasn't able to take too many pictures because the museum security was high, but I did what I could:

R.I.P. Yves Saint Laurent.

I think YSL was ahead of his time when he created this giant bow of a dress because I'm not sure many people back then would've worn it. I'm just surprised by how modern it is; it's a two-toned dress done right.

It's a little bit of French and colonial America at the same time. I bet those ruffles took forever to make. This is a picture I considered deleting, but after a few glances, I think it's ab interesting angle. I've come to realize that YSL was one of those designers who didn't see beauty from the front, but rather from different perspectives. Designers today should learn from that.

I don't think these stockings were ever really in fashion, but they are so cool. I think it's because hosiery is hardly ever considered a luxury good. They'd look crazy if the typical Joe/Joanne wore them, but you've got style, be my guest; I'd gladly applaud anyone for being so brave.

I got to see the famous Mondrian dress, which was quite spectacular in person. I loved how YSL was inspired by artists like Matisse and Picasso and was able to interpret art into fashion, which is not very common nowadays.

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  1. Eww, gold stockings should stay out.