Friday, March 27, 2009

I have a very random hat collection,

but they are absolute necessities for bad hair days, keeping anonymity, and completing a look. I try to keep the color of my hats neutral because I want them to be versatile enough to coordinate with my mood and the season. Now all I need is a fedora, bowler, or maybe a crown. (Oh, and the glass head I'm using as a mannequin is the same one I was talking about from Pier 1).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mushroom Hat $18.00
This is the most expensive hat I own because it's "designer." That being said, I got it because I liked the shape, not to mention I had store credit after returning a bad purchase. What I don't like is that it's made of acrylic, which is pretty bad for the environment and I have to dry-clean it.

H&M Beret $6.99
I've always wanted a beret but had no reason to wear one because it seemed too pretentious for someone like me. But I ended up getting it because I wanted to be a Beatnik for Halloween and the beret was the most important piece of the costume. Unlike the Marc Jacobs hat, this is actually made of 100% wool. I found it in the women's section at H&M because there were no berets for men. The only real problem I have with it is because it's a woman's piece, it doesn't fit my head that well.

Juno Beanie Free
I got this beanie when I worked at Blockbuster. Basically, if you bought a copy of "Juno," you'd get this beanie as a gift. I have never worn this beanie in public before because even though I like the movie, I don't like it enough to advertise.

Dockers Bucket Hat $8.00
This is my favorite hat because I feel a sense of comfort when I wear it, even on the worst of days. Although a lot of people tell me I look like a fisherman in this hat, it has given me an identity in a culture of conformity. People just don't see it the way i do.

H&M Newsboy Cap

It's important to have a go-to hat because you never really know what life throws at you. This is one of those hats that you can never really go wrong in, which is why I wear it almost everyday.

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