Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tilly Bloom makes me want to open up an old textbook.

Tilly Bloom is a young jewelry designer from Scotland now living in New York. Inspirations for her designs are the Victorian Era, surrealism, folktales, creatures, dolls, diagrams, and inanimate objects. It's nostalgic and quirky, which is part of the appeal. Jewelry isn't all about glitz (at least not for me).

Eyeball In A Tophat Cufflinks $16.00
I'm not really a cufflink kind of guy, but I like the idea of wearing them. I think a guy's taste in cufflinks, can tell you something about his personality. So what does this say about me? I like to find the "funny" in fashion.

Beethoven Earrings $16.00
I like the idea behind the earrings more than the earrings themselves. The irony behind is this that Beethoven was technically deaf and was still so talented with his music. Maybe when you go out next time, people might think you're musically inclined.

Russian Doll Earrings $15.00
If anything, these earrings are very sentimental. They mean something in "the old country." I also liked that Tilly made them red instead of black and white.

Dancing Elephants Brooch $15.00
I love the humor in this brooch. As far as I know, elephants don't waltz, but this brooch says otherwise. I wonder what textbook she pulled this out from.

Valentine Brooch $15.00
This has got be my favorite piece. It's so simple and literal, but it says everything. You can even be a walking metaphor by wearing this brooch on your sleeve.

A Bee in Her Bonnet Necklace $25.00
The bee on the girl's head, gives the "beehive" new meaning. It's especially funny because the bee is so gigantic. It's kind of like Little Miss Muffet's spider. Tilly should totally do a Nursery Rhyme collection.

Eye Test Necklace $25.00
This eye chart necklace is hilarious. It's a very subtle way to hit on someone. People like mystery, so you wearing this necklace gives them something to solve; it's going to be you they're thinking about.

Courtesy of Tilly Bloom

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