Sunday, September 6, 2009

It was quite colorful at the Doki Doki 6% fan night.

Doki Doki 6% is a special brand created by Sebastian Masuda in the Harajuku subculture and caters to a particular style called "Sensational Kawaii." The goal is to look excessively cute by adding on accessories to find some kind of symmetry. Doki Doki 6% has designed some accessories for occasional and everyday wear. If you want to check them out, you should do it soon because they're moving out of the New People Center in a couple of weeks.

Well, will you look at that line. Fortunately, we got there early, so we got a guaranteed spot. Those in the back couldn't get in because the shop was so small.

Look at how crowded we all are. I could hardly sit let alone move. Many dressed up for the event, but it was not as formal as the BTSSB tea party. My friend Phuong gave me a blue barette to wear, so I'd "fit in." Whatever.

Here is a girl who is considered a "clean slate" because she had no accessories on whatsoever. So instead of putting the bow on the hair, they jazzed it up by placing it on the dress strap. Also, their scrunchies could be used as bracelets.

This girl dressed up for the occasion and went up to demonstrate. Yuka, the shopgirl added more bows on her head to complete the look. Of course for Doki Doki 6%, "more is more."

So they were giving out prizes, but the way to win them was to play some rounds of Jankenpon (Rochambeau) with Yuka. I lost on the second round, but Phuong kept going.

She kept it up and won second place. Lucky. She claims that there's a pattern in the game, but whatever it is, I have no idea.

This is what she won: a unicorn t-shirt. Either way, I wouldn't have wanted it. Maybe I could've sold it and gain some profit. Oh well.

This is her "Lolita pose." While Lolita is a lot more put together, Harajuku goes all out. Here she is trying the bow near her shoulder like the way Yuka demonstrated.

Phuong says this place is like a Japanese version of Claire's. There isn't too much that I could wear or want, but I really want the glitzy bow tie. It's a brooch, clp-on tie, barette...whatever you make of it.

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