Sunday, September 27, 2009

I guess I have geeky taste.

I was at work yesterday and this girl asked me "What's a good housewarming gift?" I had too many ideas running through my mind, so I asked "What does this person like?" She replied "Geeky stuff." Finally, I had a ball rolling. She had a $30 budget, which is not impossible, just more limited. Here are some of the things I suggested:

Money Pig $19.95
This money pig puts a new spin on the traditional ceramic piggy bank. The different banknotes are color copied and papier-mâchéd onto the pig, giving it a literal meaning of a "piggy bank." It's not "high-tech geeky," but if you made this during the 1950s per say, you would've been ahead of your time.

Chicago/New York Buildings $24.95 - $29.95 $19.95 - $24.95
These are geeky in the sense that many geeks, I find, have a very fundamental understanding of how things work. These buildings made of split bamboo panels show a very skeletal part of the architectural process. I'm sure any geek would appreciate these.

"Show Me How" $24.95
This book embraces the geek in all of us. It teaches you everything from interesting D.I.Y. projects, etiquette, useful and ridiculous trivia. From reading this book time and time again, I've actually learned a lot.

Dot Wall Hook $19.95
When I think of wall hooks...I don't, because most of the time they're just there. This one, however, makes a statement by being geometric, orange, and minimal. It's perfect for math geeks (I wish I could be one of those).

Troy Pillow $24.95
Geeks and computer hackers alike, I am sure will love this pillow. It gives a nod to the Iliad and to that stupid virus that has killed many people's computers, including my own. I like the fact that the horse looks more like a doodle than an actual illustration because that would no longer be geeky or even cute for that matter.

Gear Candleholder $6.95
This was my last resorting suggestion to the girl, and you know what? She loved it. First of all, they're reclaimed (you can't beat that). They're antique yet mechanical, which is ironically how geeks tend to think. Actually, that might just be me because I'm a different kind of geek. Anyway, she bought two of these and a set of 12 tealights, which totaled to about $19 ($11 under budget). I'm proud of myself for being so instinctive and GEEKY. Basically, if someone asks me for this kind of specific help again, I'll know exactly what to do.

Courtesy of CB2

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