Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the fall, and I'm looking at Missoni for inspiration.

Based on the economic climate right now, fashion can't really afford to look and feel opulent. Plus, aristocratic fashion doesn't really whet my appetite, which is why Missoni's "homeless chic" revival is really refreshing. I usually find Missoni quite bland, but I guess they upped their ante stylistically this season.

I like the monochromatic effect the colors seem to convey. The subdued signature Missoni zigzag pattern adds a lot more texture to the look, so nothing looks boring. Also, the hooded tube scarf is draped very beautifully.

The clothes have a lot of color, but is neutralized with the two long scarves flowing in tandem. I like the color palette of the skirt, but I like the patterns of the sweater. Stylistically, it would've been less of a visual interruption.

Wow, they've got some pretty neat tricks up their sleeve. The draped and hooded turtleneck sweater with zigzag graphics of the coat pair well. The color story and the contrasting length of the scarves is sparking some ideas in my personal style.

"Nomad" comes to mind when I look at this; is this in anyone's fashion forecast? The floral trench almost looks like a kimono, yet still keeps everything looking organic. Oh, and the hooded tube scarf drapes beautifully even when it's not on the head. I'm especially digging the color palette.

To me, the look says "summer's not really over yet." There's an ease to the look and the floral print is cheery. I would've actually liked to see Liu Wen's hair tucked inside the hat because that would give the look a lot more symmetry.

As a city boy, I love this because there's an urban touch to it. It's a little on the grungy side, which satisfies my personal taste; it's very sexy. The color palette sticks out in the collection for being dark. In that sense, it's the most wearable.

I think this is a wonderful interpretation of a pumpkin (oh no I didn't). I actually like many elements of this look like the crochet dress, the hat, and coat; it's got that 1920s/1930s vibe.

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