Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My earbuds no longer work, so I'm looking for new ones.

Apple In-Ear Headphones $39.99
I've invested in these for more than a year, and they've been good to me, but I had to be very careful with them, which was difficult because I'm such a klutz. What I'm looking for now is something not only functional but fashionable as well.

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic $79.00
This is the new and improved version of what I had, but I can't use it because I have an "obsolete" iPod Nano 3G. It's hard to keep up with things that I don't want to keep up with, e.g., the iPhone.

GreenHouse Pig Buta Earphones $35.99
My sister actually got these as a Christmas present, but she re-gifted them for someone else, so I guess I'm going to have to get my own. They wouldn't be on top my list of being the most functional, but they're definitely cute.

GreenHouse GH-ERC-SNK Luxury Earphones $39.99
I think I would've liked these more a few years ago when I was in my dark and Gothic mentality. But even today, I'm very drawn to antiquated jewelry/accessories, and for someone who doesn't wear much of that, these snakes are very appealing.

GreenHouse Angel and Devil Earphones $29.99
The idea behind this concept is pretty interesting: the long-running angel vs. devil gag. These are adorable, but they're almost too adorable like something you'd find at Fisher-Price.

Elecom MM EarDrops Color Earphones $39.99
I love the simplicity of these earbuds. They make a big statement without saying a whole lot. I also like the fact that they kind of look like Skittles.

Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones $39.99
I checked out some of the reviews for these, and they've gotten an average of 4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty impressive. My problem with them is that there's are thousands of these in the earbud market, and I guess I'm looking for something more unique.

Elecom EHP-AIN50 EarDrops Rose Earphones $49.99
These are actually what I'm looking along the lines of: elegance, simplicity, functionality, and originality. They might be a bit too "feminine" (whatever that means), but I might just get them. They're neutral enough to complement my iPod.

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