Monday, July 20, 2009

I don't know how I feel about the Pollini switch.

Rifat Ozbek has been the Creative Director of Pollini since 2003 and now one of my favorite designers, Jonathan Saunders, has succeeded him. They're actually on opposite sides on the fashion spectrum. Ozbek has geared the Pollini brand in a direction along the lines of Fendi and Prada. I'm going to miss his use of ethnic prints with such ease. Saunders' aesthetic might be a bit too edgy for the brand's image, which caters to a more "luxury" clientele. Actually, some of his designs for Pollini could be in his own collection.

Ozbek's F/W 2008 Collection
Even though the patterns are all different, the mix of the red tones brings everything together. There's defintiely a Japanese influence with the zori-looking boots and obi. She's strutting down like an "urban geisha."

This coat looks like a kimono cut in half, but it's stylized in a way that resembles a mink coat (so no need for fur). The crisscross on those boots are quite adorable; I wish they made them for men too.

There's nothing particularly special about this, except for the beautiful silhouette; it's loose but tailored very nicely. Also, I've never seen a sweatsuit look this high fashion (I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid). The jewelry complements this look by giving it come color.

The green print looks surprisingly elegant. It could've turned out to be a bad 1970s ensemble, but the horizontal and vertical directions of the print makes it less matchy, which is always a good thing. I'm not crazy about the fur, but it does give it a nice effect.

Saunders's F/W 2009 Collection
I think Saunders did it right with this look. It's stylized in classic Pollini fashion, but you can see the creative outlet in the bold print. I love the color palette of this look.

"Space Elizabethan" comes to mind when I look at this. The tiers are are more futuristic than they are luxury, but it still works. I love those boots, but I don't know if there are customers for that; they'd take forever to put on.

This is very much a Jonathan Saunders dress. I can't see anything Pollini about it, except for maybe the gingham. I think it's because the shapes lines are too severe.

While I think this coat is amazing in color and style, it's still just a Jonathan Saunders masterpiece. The Pollini brand is kind of lost in translation with this new image.

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