Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here's new stuff I have to familiarize myself with for CB2 Fall 2009.

The Fall collection definitely sticks out (both good and bad). The good thing is that it is original, but when you're selling things to people, originality can't always be a priority, unless they have money to spend. In this economic climate, people are more conscious about investing in products of quality and value.

Here are some products to love:

Gear Candleholder $6.95
Reclaimed products are always good because they have new uses for objects that are otherwise unusable. They're very industrial looking and give off an interesting sound when you spin the bottom.

Spoke Mirror $59.95
Here's another reclaimed product. This mirror used to be a bicycle wheel, but it looks like it was probably found in a junkyard somewhere. They stripped off the rubber and slapped on a mirror, and that was that; good D.I.Y. project to keep in mind.

Paperclip Side Table $199.00
If anything, I love the legs of this table. They are intentionally shaped like a paperclip, yet the table still stands. Ironically, the design is pretty versatile and can be used for generations to come. I think this will sell pretty well.

Abyss Bed Linens $29.95 - $129.00
This bedding collection is just awesome. The people basically tape-dyed the whole thing, giving it a plaid effect. It's definitely D.I.Y.-able, but with that much work, I'd rather have someone else do it for me.

Harvey Nightstand $99.95
I love this nightstand. There's a bookcase version of this design, but it's a bit too much. This nightstand is slim and compact enough to enjoy.

Bridges Print $249.00
This print pays homage to pop art artist Andy Warhol and my beautiful city. Matthew Lew did a great job of capturing the lines of the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess the International Orange does a great job of representing itself.

Parlour Chair $699.00
Customers have been asking for a nice chair for the living room, and I think this one's a pretty good choice. I'm not sure if people will really be keen on the color, but the design contours the body perfectly.

Here are some of the things that make me question what the buyers were thinking:

Ikat Pile Rug $349.00
I appreciate the risks that the buyers take, but they need a better picture of the market. If people want ethnic looking rugs, they could get authentic ones elsewhere.

Jain Monk Bowls $249.00
These bowls are a part of the "One of a Find" collection with a limited quantity. They are replicas of the bowls that Jain monks in India use to beg for food. These monks sacrifice all their worldly possessions except for these bowls. They have a great symbolic meaning, except how many people would actually buy them? Also, one of my co-workers has a problem with them because every culture/religion is exoticized except for Christianity; it would be offensive if there was a cross on something.

Go West Pillow $69.95
The Durham pillow is already odd enough, and now they bring in another weird cow fur pillow. What makes this pillow especially disturbing are the spots; it's too much.

Casa Table Lamp $69.95
The lamps this season aren't that great to begin with, but this one is my least favorite. It looks like the lampshade is wearing braces or something.

Finn Lounger $1,099.00
This is a good as a bed or sofa, but it's a little too "Arabian Nights" for city living. Also, you need pillows to make this thing look right. I'm not sure if this will sell.

Courtesy of CB2

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