Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh Staedtler, you can never do me wrong.

The Germans have been leading the way in the stationery industry, and Staedtler has been kicking ass for a long time now (1835). Their products have been important staples throughout my school years and I'm pretty most of your guys' too.

Noris Club® School Compass
If you need a compass, you should invest in this one. It's safe, sturdy and accurate. This compass has a universal adapter for pens and pencils up to 11 mm diameter, which has a lot of room for sizing variations.

Graphite 925 25 Mechanical Pencil
As someone who only uses mechanical pencils, it's important for me to find a decent one. Not only do I like the sleek metal style, but it also has many functions. It has ISO color coding, adjustable hardness degree indicator and a cylindrical metal lead sleeve ideal for rulers or templates.

Triplus® Ball Ballpoint Pen
I've actually tried this pen at the school bookstore and it's a pretty good one. The ink is indelible and the grip is good because it has an ergonomic triangular barrel.

Mars® Razor Eraser Pencil
This product is particularly interesting because it's an eraser for ink in the form of a pencil. It's good for pinpoint erasing and you can use the brush to sweep off the excess.

Textsurfer® Dry Highlighter
What a clever way to reintroduce the classic highlighter! Unlike highlighter markers, this one does not bleed through paper and it doesn't smudge. And you don't have to worry about running out of ink because all you have to do it sharpen it.

Mars® Ergosoft® 150 Pencil
This pencil is premium quality especially for writing and drawing (I use this in my art class). It's easy to erase, sharpen, and is break-resistant.

Mars® Plastic Eraser
The Mars eraser is a must-have for anyone who writes, draws, or even speaks. As a fashion designer, I NEED this to create "masterpieces." It's not like those pink erasers that don't do their job of erasing and often leave unsightly marks.

Courtesy of Staedtler

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