Monday, February 16, 2009

I finally got a new umbrella, but I don't know if it's the right one.

Awhile ago, I was complaining about not having a nice umbrella for the cold rainy season. Well, there has been sort of a winter drought until it started pouring recently (that's San Francisco weather for you). Anyway, I found myself in NEED of an umbrella because I was walking to class the other day and it was suddenly hailing. I wasn't wearing anything waterproof because I didn't think it was going to rain. The umbrellas for sale at school were too hideous for me to even consider buying, so I walked in the rain to stores that I knew would sell umbrellas. The whole time I had a mental dilemma of choosing style or functionality. I wound up at Brooks Brothers, which I never thought I would step foot in, and bought an umbrella.

Brooks Brothers Plaid Mini Umbrella $50.00
This is what I ended up getting. At that moment, I forgot that style came with a price. ($50 for a plaid umbrella, WTF?!) But even then, this wasn't what I truly wanted. Well, one thing's for sure, you could almost feel the luxury just ooze out from it with the beautiful wooden handle, buttoned sheath, and leather strap. It's so expensive that I'm kind of afraid to use it. I'm thinking about returning it once I decide on getting a new one.

Golden Fleece® Logo Mini Umbrella $50.00
This is what saw online and actually wanted. I thought I'd save myself some shipping fees if I bought it in the store. Unfortunately, they did not carry this umbrella, so the only place I could buy it was online. Second thought, why do I even want this umbrella? I mean, the trademark golden fleece monogram is nice, but I usually never go for monogrammed stuff. Maybe I should just stay away from Brooks Brothers altogether; they're too "old money" for my taste anyway.

Senz Mini Umbrella $54.99
When you're trying to block the winds and stay dry, it's hard to be stylish. This is a situation where function trumps style. Yes, it's a rather peculiar looking umbrella, but if it works, who cares? I just might exchange my pretentious Brooks Brothers umbrella for this one.

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers, Senz

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